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by on June 1, 2021
Torch is having a pretty good day. She's just taking a leisurely stroll through town, not a care in the world - as usual - when she spies something curious up ahead. Picking up the pace as a food vendor comes into view, her smile turns into a look of pure disgust upon realizing what's being sold.
This ruins her day.
"Just what do you think you're doing?" Torch questions the vendor, venom in her tone.
The mare replies, "Selling pickles. Want one?"
"Yes, I'll take one." She puts two bits onto the stand, and the unicorn salespony levitates a rather large pickle to the pegasus.
With her prize in hoof, she THROWS it at the ground and STOMPS on it.
"Are you seriously just going to--"
"YES," Torch interrupts, "Now give me another!" She drops two more bits on the stand.
"...Okay." The pickle seller complies, giving Torch another salty cucumber.
She stomps on this one too.
"Another!" Torch seethes, "Actually, make it THREE."
"Whatever you say." Says the mare, levitating three choice pickles to her valued customer as the red pegasus deposits six more bits on the stand.
Lining them up a foot apart each, Torch pounces on each one like a briny game of hopscotch, splattering pickle juice all over herself.
"Are you done yet?"
"Those were my last bits. So yes."
"...Can I ask why?"
"I just don't like 'em. Don't need another reason."
"Well.. Have a good day, then.."
"I will, thank you."
Another satisfied customer.
Icy Creation
I sympathize.
Bright Brave
Pickles are good. Healthy for chu.
vomiting isn't healthy at all >:(
Bright Brave
Sounds like a personnel problem. X3
Alexander ‘Crow’ Kingston
missed the other post, but welcome back