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Icy Creation

Female. Lives in  Everfree Forest,  Equestria. 24 years old
Unicorn Windigo Hybrid
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Ice! Inventions! Heavily and actively repressed trauma! Treehouses! Manticore venom hot sauce! We've got it all here, mates!
Erudite#0291 For if you want my Discord.
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Most of them.
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Icy Creation I've been into Rain World stuff for a little bit. And I've found many fun videos I'd like to share. But none of them have held as m... View More
Icy Creation
I just got Rain World and started playing it Not completely blind because I spoiled a little bit, but I'd say mostly blind I love it Everything is fucking terrifying. Not because it tries to be- the ... View More
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Polo Fastter
slug cat?
Like May 13, 2023
Icy Creation
Slugcat Slug and cat in one perfect being
Like May 14, 2023
Icy Creation This just appeared on my youtube homepage This is actually genuinely amazing. A little bit cursed, to be fair, but quite interesting still.
Icy Creation Watch it, this is actually amazing. Genuinely. If this goes nowhere I will be extraordinarily saddened.
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Icy Creation
Finally read Anthropology Favorite depiction of human-crazy Lyra I've seen so far. Also, yeah actually, Lyra /isn't/ really a pony name, is it, it isn't a word like most. Kind of sad Bon never came a... View More
Icy Creation
You know, I kind of want to try introducing Purple to something like the Castle- or actually just the Castle, if I'm feeling bold enough- because unlike Icy, I actually kind of have an idea for an arc... View More
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King Artemis
Like February 27, 2023
Lord Nebulous Coltenheim
Hey nice to see you back again as you can see my character aged a bit haha.
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Icy Creation
Ay nice to see /you/ back Yeah I can see
Like February 22, 2023
Lord Nebulous Coltenheim
Had this whole romance RP arc I wanted do with yours and make it my characters cannon but not sure if you would be down for that lol.
Like February 22, 2023
Icy Creation
Apologies for kind of giving up our last RP, my incharacterness kind of dropped off over the past year But it is coming back so far this year, so perhaps. It wouldn't be true Icy canon, just contextual Icy-Nebulous canon, but perhaps.
Like February 23, 2023
Lord Nebulous Coltenheim
You are always welcome to hit me up if you ever wana RP and do that romance arc or somethong lol.
Like February 23, 2023
Woa! Hemlo pone!
Like February 22, 2023
Icy Creation A video I created, my first time recording something and putting it on youtube. The mic is shit, sometimes I spoke too quietly for it to really pick up or I mumbled, it w... View More
Icy Creation
Well The dog I've been living with for ten years needs to die now It's fucking awful, she was fine- or at least acting fine- just a few hours ago, but now... We're talking with the vet about cremation... View More
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Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
Ugh, I'm so sorry you're going to go through this. I feel your pain. The cat i've been having for almost 13... 14...? years now died on me suddenly a few days before thanksgiving. It hurts to lose a animal you love, and I feel that pain very much
Like February 3, 2023
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