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Prince Glaciem
by on July 3, 2021
(I just wanted to share a list I made recently describing the differences between my OC Prince Glaciem and some of the canonical cast of the show. If you see any I left out and want to see included feel free to leave a comment."
Princess Celestia: Prince Glaciem
*A Princess *A Prince
*A psudo Mother *A Psudo Father
*Female *Male
*Extrovert *Introvert
*Reader *Is a soldier
*Is serious *A bit Sarcastic
*Has momentary doubts *Believes in Celestia
*Is calm *Is somewhat Anxious
Princess Luna: Prince Glaciem
*A Princess *A Prince
*A mare *A Stallion
*A protector of dreams * Guards Equestria
*A younger sister * An Older bro Figure
*Jealousy Prone *More Secure
*Princess of the Night *Prince of the Seasons
*An Introvert *Is Slightly more Outgoing
*Fell to Darkness *Kept his faith and stayed true to Harmony
Princess Cadence: Prince Glaciem
* A Princess *A Prince
*A Mare *A Stallion
*Married *Relationship
*Co-Ruler of the Crystal Empire *Co-Ruler of Equestria
*Earned her wings *Born an Alicorn
*Princess of Love *Prince of the Four Seasons and Nature
Twilight Sparkle: Prince Glaciem:
*An avid book reader *Does not read as much
*A champion of Friendship *Still has trust issues from the past
*Is unsure of her abilities * Knows she is capable of great things
*Has many friends *Tends to hide his emotions
*Likes to see the good in others *Is very weary of others
*Is prone to mental breakdowns *Is slowly healing mentally
*Is a Young Unicorn *Is a seasoned Alicorn Warrior
*Knows that one makes there own choices *Believes he is to blame for one's turn
To Evil
Pinkie Pie: Prince Glaciem:
*Is a mare *Is a stallion
*Is optimistic *Is slightly anxious
*Works in a bakery *Works in the palace
*Loves making new friends *Is very reserved in his emotions toward others
*Is energetic *Not very energetic at first
*Is Playful *Is content on watching most fun events
Applejack: *Prince Glaciem
*Is a mare *Is a stallion
*Is hardworking *Is sidelined by the castle help
*A farmer *A Prince
*Is Middle Class *Is Rich
*Is more comfortable in a familiar surrounding
Rainbow Dash Prince Glaciem
*Is brash *Thinks before he acts
*Athletic *Does not play as much
*Can be Opinionated *Is a quiet individual
*Element of Loyalty *Can no longer bear the elements
*Is a member of the Wonderbolts *Helps command the Wonderbolts
*Is a fast flier *Has a weakened wing
Rarity Prince Glaciem
*Is a fashionista *Is more antiquated
*Is a lady *Tries to be a Gentlecolt
*Owns a boutique *Commands soldiers
*Prides herself on apperance *Does not care about Appearance at times
*Drama Prone *Is more grounded
Fluttershy: Prince Glaciem
*Is extremely shy *Is more confident
*Good with animals *Tends to give animals their space
*Has befriended a former villain *Wants nothing to do with former villains