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Dr. Thana Reid
by on January 2, 2022
There was once a time when it was only a dark room. Nothing. Until that shroud had been pierced by a light. As if desperate to tell me to get out. Whispers of the old age to tell me to help him. Ah... So that's who you mean.
Reid would pick himself desperately into a dirty moldy sink as he looked at the broken glass. He would inspect what he could in the mirror. Scars of time would show. Preserved with his power. His skin crawled with visitors. He would look up at a light that didn't work anymore. This tomb of his and yet he was the only survivor it seems.
He would smile and say. "Still got it doc..." He chuckled as he would fall to the floor. "Me legs are still struggling. I am truly a relic..." He huffed. Hours went by as he would spend trying to get up. Every minute was pure agony. Until he finally made it. He would be sweaty and in pain but a milestone. The visitors seemed to help.
He would slowly move as he went through the terrifying place he would come across some teens. They were filming this popular tomb as they saw him. They screamed and dropped their camera. He didn't bother chasing or speaking so he took their camera.
He inspected the video recording camera. "Oooh! Interesting. Look at that!" He held the camera. "It's a picture thingy." It would make a loud jarring noise followed by -Battery low!-. He nearly dropped it but reclaimed it. He huffed and said. "Battery... I-I don't have electricity let alone batteries." He would sigh.
He would close the side arm of the camera as he blurted "Welp! Momma always said to take the bulls by the horns! " He grabbed his white lab coat and grabbed a blank mask used for those who have unstable faces. Scaring others isn't his plan.
He went outside and smelled the fresh air. A butterfly landed on his arm which he held out. "It is like I remember it." The butterfly went off as he went on a trip to find batteries.
Topics: reid, new oc.