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by on March 24, 2022
Through kinship we Strive
Together we Survive
Low light we Make
For hindsight we Forsake
“Don’t do that ever again,” I stated, looking at the griffon with an even expression. She lowered her ears, but only for a second before perking back up and stepping closer. I did not know what to expect at first. To me she was a stranger who had followed me through the forests and involved herself in what turned out to be a bad situation. So, out of instinct, I tensed up and pulled myself away from her, and she seemed to have taken it negatively.
To be honest, I could not blame her in even the slightest having someone like me become defensive at just an approach. Our eyes lingered on each other a moment longer, as I gaged her intentions before waving her closer. I remained on guard, but I could tell she had no current plans of causing me harm. The smile on her beak sure showed my hunch right, and her words came out all at once.
“So, you really are that amazing, silhouetted gal that has been seen all over the news? This is so awesome! I never would have guessed that you were the God Huntress but now that I know…dang! I knew following you into the forest would lead me to finding the truth!” She had only paused to take a breath, and as if reading my mind, would continue only a moment later, “and if you are wondering how I knew where you were, it was because I got lucky. I had been flying a route along the edge of the forest when you went strolling in like it was nothing.”
I raised a brow at that. It was such a coincidence for her path to lead to where I was. Likely stories always seem to add up that way, but I will give her the benefit of the doubt. It is true that she was offering me what I assumed was her own bed and home, so why throw doubt at charity?
“Fair enough,” I said at length, though now sitting up to get a better look at the griffon in front of me. Her body was a cream color that extended to the tips of her wings. Dark gray legs and talons kept her upright, and her smile glowing behind an almost orange-brown, near gold beak. Those eyes… definitely golden orbs that spoke emotions over emotion, as if hiding her true feelings. And, of course, she was taller than I was. With a sigh I asked, “What is your name?”
“Valerie! Valerie Kyrie! But my parents had usually just called me, Val.”
“Val it is. My true name is, Camille. Do try and keep it just between us, okay?”
I didn't think a beak could open as wide as hers did. It took a lot of effort on her part to stop from gushing again. I really didn’t think I could take another round of a pony going full on Pinkie Pie towards me. Silence has always been my preferred way of living.
Valerie remained staring at me for a long moment before gasping and spreading her wings wide. Excitement bloomed from this gryphon like rays of light through a break in the clouds. It almost radiated, but I could not falter now. Not after faltering so horrifically just earlier. My mind must remain on focus, on the mission ahead, and on everything that surrounds me. Variables change within the seconds that pass and knowing when they were going to change for the worse is the best way to survive. Now, though, with Val in front of me I’ve found myself letting go for the moment. A moment of light that I could finally breathe.
Then, before Valerie could say whatever was suddenly filling her mind, I stood and held a hoof in silence. No, I must remain vigilant. I offered her my thanks, the pain in the back of my head from the injury now just an annoying throbbing. I made my way to the door, swiftly, before looking at her from over my shoulder. “We will meet again. When I have finished what I started here, I will find you.”
I could tell she was upset by my sudden swing in mood, but it is the only way. I must capture this wannabe god, and no distractions must remain. With a small smile I made my way out through the door.
. . .
The world had changed. The lands of Equestria were not what the young dreamed them too really be. A world of disappointment and disgrace. A land where life and loss become its own muses. That is what it has turned into, that is what we desire. Those we love, those we trust, eventually turn their hearts. Not for a fault of theirs, but for a mistake of ours...
I ran. I continued to run, but the pain in my legs screamed for me to stop. For me to just fall down and die where I stood. The cold hair, slick mud, and constant onslaught of rain threatened to stop me before I could reach sanctuary. I pushed on, hypothermia threatened my body with each step. I must go on. I could feel them closing in, on my tail, just a moment away and I would be lost to the world.
With a small whimper of pain, I dove into the mud, rolling once and stopping with my hooves pulled in close. My cloak, fur, and tail coated and helping me blend into the ground. A mere moment later the flaps of pegasus ponies passed above. I was minutes away from Ponyville and I was honestly more in danger of being trampled on by the Canterlot Guards that chased me across Equestria. But I waited for the quiet before I stood and returned to my track. That was until I heard the loud crash of armor landing behind me.
I turned my head to look back, and my enchanted cestus clicked into place over my hooves. The pursuer spared no words, but I did...
“...fine. I can’t run from you, my wings are damaged... You won’t believe me when I tell you the truth, so if this is the way it must be, then I will relieve you from your duties, Valkyrie. You’ve kindled the God Hunter!”
Her eyes spared no sorrow as she thrust her spear forwards.
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This is a much shorter chapter than I'd liked to have done. But this is the point I wanted to get to but just didn't know how to reach it. Don't worry, the end will be explained in time. Also, song this time...
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