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Calavera de medianoche
by on January 20, 2022
Enclosed are the written reports you have requested. While I understand your need for information to test your theory that these incidents are connected in some way I must again ask that you not reveal this information to anyone. Such things would be judged as misconduct on my part and only serve to sow seeds of panic in the local population, all the best of luck to you. With regards: the officer of mayor Fletcher.
Reports by local resident of trespassers during the night of -- July ----
Mister Dust Tumble reported multiple incidents of who he believes to be the same individual/individuals, moving around in his garden at night. Officer ---- ------ and Officer ------- ----- searched the garden and found no signs of disturbance but recommended a further check in that night as Mister Tumble seemed very nervous and agitated. Upon staying the night in the house the officers reported no strange activity and filed the case as a false alarm.
The following short passage is taken from a memo written by the sheriff about the repeated reports by Mister Tumble of the same incident "To keep things neat and tidy what I want you all to do is escort him out of the station, assure him that a report will be filed and recommend that he gets clinical help. A therapist or something. I can't have him coming in every second day yelling about stalkers and deer skulls right in the station lobby"
Incident regarding the confession of Dust Tumble, September -- ----.
The following is a written account of the event described provided by the local sheriff's department. It has been witness verified and is usable as evidence.
At around four PM the defendant came running into the department. He had a history of making false claims about being followed and seeing trespassers on and around his property. The defendant was seen by multiple witnesses falling to his knees in front of the main desk in the lobby while sobbing. It was reported that he mentioned some sort of animal or multiple animals that according to the defendant were attempting to harm him. When the receptionist called for security the defendant began screaming that he did want to leave. Once the officers arrived to escort him out he produced a loaded revolver from under his coat. He dropped it immediately and raised his hooves to surrender. He told the officers that he quote "Shot some fella dead with that gun" After being taken into custody and giving a description of the pony he allegedly killed a search was conducted and while no body was found a local farm hand was found to be missing. the location and timeframe of the disappearance matched what was described by the defendant.
Status: open
Situation: one Dust Tumble was found dead on the morning of September -- ---- Once being taken into custody the victim showed signs of acute schizophrenia and displayed incredibly unstable behavior when interacting with the staff of the local sheriff's office. The sheriff requested the victim be transferred to a permanent holding facility. In the mean time he was placed into the small isolation cell the department had. When state officers arrived to take the victim into their custody they found the door to the cell ripped open and the victims body was in a state of grotesque mutilation. No evidence leading to any possible perpetrators was found as such this investigation is still on going.
//Thanks to anyone who read this till the end. I've got no idea what I'm doing really but I do hope it was enjoyable to read. Might make a few more lore posts like this with some sort of story connecting them. Give this character a bit more background.
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