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Smoke (Obsilion)
by on April 16, 2022
Obsilion is panting heavily while hiding behind. He has been running from a group of rather angry spirits. Now what could he have done to grab the attention of a group of vengeful spirits? Well here is the short version of that story....There is a small ghost town that is smack dead in the middle of a random forest that is in the middle of nowhere. He had found this place a few months back and had marked it as a point of interest. After a while of further investigating the area around the town and doing a bit of research, he found that the town might be housing an artifact of sorts. One that he planned on taking a look at. 4 hours ago he had entered the town to finally take a look around, wearing his super soldier armor, which Requian troops called "Titan" armor. Upon entering, he could already feel a bit of his energy being drained slowly. He assumed that it was the possible artifact that could be affecting the area......That was until he heard a strange noise and aimed his side arm in the direction of the noise. No, he did not shoot, but that didn't matter. Just pulling out his weapon pissed off all the spirits in the town. Only 6 spirits decided to chase him down.
Which leads us to this moment. Obsilion has been running for three hours and has finally lost them...At least for now. He usually wouldn't be this winded, but he can still feel his energy being slowly drained, which he is now assuming that it's the ability of the spirits that are chasing him. If that's the case, then he now also knows that even though he lost them for now, they are still close by. He growls a bit as he tries to think of a way out. He knows that he won’t win in a fight against spirits...At least not with the sidearm that he has with him. They will find him soon. He needs to make a move now.
Obsilion would take a quick look around to survey his surroundings. He then glances at his radar as his armor scans within a 40-yard radius for electromagnetic signatures....3. 3 spirits are within a 30-yard radius and are slowly moving closer, which means the other 3 are not too far away. Time to work fast. He would quickly unload his pistol and would clear it, putting the mag in a holding slot on his waist to put it away. The then presses a button on the side of the pistol, causing it to open itself up, which then loads it with a large hardened and crystalized plasma shot that seemed to have some sort of charge to it due to the fact it was glowing. The size of the bullet would be equivalent to that of a 7.62×54mm. After loading it, the pistol forms itself around it so that it would be able to hold and fire that shot. After doing this, He takes a breath and aims at a tree that is 112 yards away. With the help of his visor magnifying and zooming in on the tree he is aiming for, he pulls the trigger and hits it spot on. First, a loud bang is heard, then a large explosion as the explosive round it the tree and caused an explosion large enough to destroy the entire tree. With the explosion grabbing the attention of the spirits, he would quickly make a break for it as he holsters his gun on his right thigh.
Obsilion could hear the roars and shrieks of the spirits as they quickly realize it’s a distraction and go back after him. He can see on his radar that they are catching up to him rather quickly, so he decides to do something risky as a last effort to get the spirits off his tail. ".......Run administrative command "Xeon zealot/titan5.shield/all" Take all energy from the shields and put them towards the shockwave generator." He gets a warning that basically tells him its dangerous and that it shouldn't be done. To this, he growls. "Override and do it! Take all power from the armor and charge the shockwave for an emp pulse!" he gets several warnings as his visor also asks for an administrative command. "Override all! Run command "emp.sys/all -r all" Override security measures! JUST RUN IT!!". He suit would process all commands then would suddenly shut off as all power now went to holding an unstable charge in his right hoof for a powerful emp shockwave. He soon found himself nearing the edge of a cliff, the drop being 205 feet leading into a fast moving and treacherous river.
Now all odds are against him. Its either this idea of his works, or he must dive into the river below and hope things go well seeing as he doesn't have enough energy to use his powers and he can no longer use any of his armor's functions. He would stop running and would turn around, his back now towards the cliffs edge. All 6 spirits....6..ponies??? Now that he can really get a good look at them, the spirits trying to kill him are ponies. No time to dwell on this now. Figure it out later. For now, handle the situation at hoof.
"...5 seconds out.." Obsilion would mumble to himself as he got ready, watching as the spirits got closer. "...4....3...2........1" He mutters. By the time he says "1", all 6 spirits have lunged at him, now just a foot away and getting closer by the second. He would waste no time reacting after his countdown. He would immediately use his right hoof to punch the ground as hard as he can, seeing as his right hoof was the one holding the emp charge. Unfortunately, the charge was a bit too unstable. Upon impact, the charge spark on his hoof then would be released, sending a powerful emp shockwave out within a 3-mile radius. Unfortunately, this hurt the poor spirits while also repelling them farther than the emp went, but it at least didn't erase them. Obsilion also suffered from this. The emp shockwave had sucked itself back in, then blew up in his face, the explosion being a rather powerful electrical explosion. His armor had protected him from most of the damage, but he still suffered. The explosion would send him flying into the air and plummeting down to the river. He was in a daze, his body in shock and his nerves shocked. The explosion had caused a breach in several areas of his armor, especially breaching the side of his helmet and cracking his visor.
Soon enough, Obsilion would finally land in the river. Unfortunately, when he crashed into the river, his right leg had hit a rock very hard, causing the bone in his leg to break. He could feel the pain in his head from the way he landed into the river and from his leg breaking against the rock, but due to his body still being in shock and him still be in a daze, he couldn't react. As the river swept him down stream, he would continue to slam into many large rocks along the way. He was slowly losing consciousness, his helmet filling with water slowly due to the breach in it. Eventually, the river came to a 100 ft waterfall. When he fell and crashed into the water below, he would finally lose consciousness as his body floated back up to the surface and got carried away by the river, which had now become more gentle.
Obsilon would groan a bit as he woke up. He doesn't know how long he has been unconscious, but it was obviously long enough for something or someone to drag him out of water, make a makeshift splint for his leg, and start a fire to keep him warm. He noticed all of this when he woke up. He also noticed that his is in a cave and his helmet is sitting next to him. He doesn't see anyone nearby though, which he found a bit odd. Well, he found it odd till he felt a strange shiver go up his spine as he heard someone getting close. He grunts a bit as he turns to see a reddish orange stallion with brown hair and blue eyes.
The stallion blinks then smiles at Obsilion as he walks over. "Glad to see you awake big guy. I was starting to get worried. I got some more wood, and I got some berries for ya in case you were hungry when you woke up." the stallion would say as he laid a large tied up cloth full of berries in front of him, then tossed some more wood on the fire.
Obsilion would sigh a little as he sat up. "....Thanks.....Who are you?..."
The stallion sits on the other side of the fire and shrugs. "I...don't know. I don't remember." he smiles.
Obsilion would raise a brow at the answer he just received. "...Ok then...." he wasn't sure how to respond to that.
"That's some very impressive armor and weaponry you got there. That helmet makes it even more impressive. I'm guessing we've had some major upgrades throughout the years, huh?" the stallion spoke with interest.
Obsilion blinks at hearing this. "....What?"
"Your armor. It’s awesome. It looks very advanced. Did we enter a new age in technology? Are you a guard of some sort?" the stallion would ask.
Obsilion now looked rather confused. "I....Well no, you have not advanced your technology by much...I don't know how to tell you this..but I'm an alien. I'm from space. I came here from another planet."
The stallion would go quiet for a moment. "O-oh my....I see....But, if we haven't made any real technological advancements, why are aliens here?" he would ask.
Obsilion sighs. "I'm the only alien race here..and that's a long story I’d rather not tell-Wait....You're alive right? Have you just been living in this cave for most of your life or something? What you're saying isn't making much sense to me..."
"Oh...Am I alive?....That's a funny question..I'm not too sure what I am. I'm not dead, but I'm not alive either. I do remember dying, but I'm here now...Like I was brought back, but not fully." the stallion would answer.
Obsilion nods in understanding. "I see...I'm sorry to hear that."
The stallion just smiles. "It’s alright...So "Mr. Alien"...How long have you been on this planet?"
"Oh..I don't quite remember..I think maybe a year or so." Obsilion answers.
The stallion nods" Do you like it so far? Have you made any friends?"
Obsilion goes quiet for a moment. While it is true that he has made friends, those friendships seemed to have soured because of him. "...I have made friends...Even had a few lovers...But.....I don't know...I think I've destroyed those relationships..." he would respond as he looked down a bit.
"Really?.....How so?" the stallion asked him.
"I just......I make everything worse for everyone..One friend I attacked...the other, we always end up brawling. I seem to be the cause of my current partner's sadness, not to mention the fact that one of my past partners that i thought was dead just returned....A lot has been going on...A lot has happened, and I seem to be the cause of everyone's frustration....I just..I'm not sure what to do at this point..I have to be strong enough to protect everyone..but how can I protect them all if I'm the one that's causing the pain?....I'm tired..My life has been nothing but a constant war...I just want rest...but I don't want to leave them all..I don't want to lose them all..They all want me to live..but I just want rest." Obsilion would tell the stallion. A moment after he says this, he blinks in confusion. "....Why did I feel comfortable enough to tell you all of that?...."
The stallion thinks for a moment. "...Sounds like one hell of a family...Are your friends still your friends?"
"I...I'm not sure.." Obsilion would respond.
"And what about your partners?" The stallion asks.
Obsilion looks at him. "It’s....Complicated."
"Is it really? Is it complicated or do you just feel like it’s complicated?" the stallion asks with a smile.
"I..Umm..I'm not sure I understand.." Obsilion responds as his ears splayed back for a moment.
"Well, it’s either a matter of fact or a matter of feelings...Let me ask you this...How do relationship customs work back on your planet??" the stallion then asks.
"Well....If my memory is correct, it’s what you ponies call "polygamy". It was very much accepted and practiced, though there were plenty of people who preferred to have one mate, it was very much normal to see many with multiple mates. Hell, our queen had 4 suitors and almost had another girl involved." Obsilion tells him.
"I see..I noticed you said "was" a lot..Why is that?" the stallion would ask as he tilted his head curiously.
"...My planet was destroyed..You are looking at the last full blooded Requian..." Obsilion would tell him with a sad sigh.
"Ooohhh...I see.." the stallion says as he nods in understanding. "I think I get it now."
"What do you mean??" Obsilion would ask him.
"You're afraid of loss. You hate losing. You're also afraid of being seen as weak. You want to be able to protect everyone, carry all the burdens, and make everyone happy, but at the cost of your own health. You're now being overwhelmed by this and it’s tearing you apart on the inside. Because of that, you don't know how to handle it. So, to keep yourself from taking it out of everyone around you, you push them away and isolate yourself. I'm guess a lot of it has to do with past trauma, but I don't know you that well..Does this all sound close to the mark?" the stallion would say to him.
Obsilion went silent as he just stared at the stallion in disbelief. He was trying to think of something, anything to say. Anything that could prove the stallion's statement to be otherwise....Nothing. Everything this stallion said was true. As Obsilion came to this realization he would slowly look down, fighting to hold back a few tears. "....Yeah....You're right..." he would say quietly.
"You're still just a person..You know that right? Its ok to feel overwhelmed. Its ok to feel sadness and pain. Its ok to cry you know....Even warriors shed a few tears every now and then....It’s also ok to ask for help." the stallion says with a smile.
Obsilion wouldn't respond. He would go silent as he now just listened to the stallion.
"...Do you talk at all? Do you ever talk to anyone about how you feel or about how they feel? Do you ever talk at all?" the stallion would ask him.
"..Not much...No." Obsilion replies to him.
"I see...Maybe it’s time to talk..Don't you think?" the stallion would ask with a small smile.
Obsilion would open his mouth to say something but would then close it and say nothing.
"You should talk to them...If they do care about you, I'm sure they would love to talk." the stallion would say to him as he now stares at the fire.
Obsilion would stay quiet as he finally unties the cloth that is still in front of him and starts to slowly eat the berries in it.
For the next two hours, they sat in silence. The only noise that filled the cave was the crackling of the fire. In this time, Obsilion would eat and rest while the stallion with him just watched the fire with a smile on his face. It was peaceful. The kept them warm while providing a feeling of comfort that felt all too peaceful to Obsilion. He appreciated it while it lasted.
Once two hours had passed, Obsilion would finally put his helmet back on and would slowly stand up, being sure not to hurt his leg any more than it is already. The splint that the nearby stallion made for him really helped. After standing, Obsilion would slowly walk towards the exit of the cave.
The stallion blinks and looks at him. "Oh? You're leaving now?" he would ask the Requian soldier, being a little surprised at seeing him standing bipedal with no trouble at all.
Obsilion would stop and turn to look at him. "..Yeah..It’s time for me to get back home...I'll be fine.."
The stallion nods and smiles. "..Alright friend. Take care of yourself, ok?"
Obsilion would look down for a moment. "Yeah...I will...". After a moment, Obsilion looks back up to look at the stallion, but to his surprise, the stallion was no longer there. It was as if the stallion vanished in thin air. ".....Thank you for this...." Obsilion would say quietly before turning and making his way out of the cave, going to find the river so he can follow it upstream back the way he came.
By the time Obsilion made it back to the waterfall, it was already dusk. He would sigh a bit as he stared up at the waterfall. He's going to have to climb to continue if he wants to continue forward. His suit doesn't have any power in it, so calling his star ship for help or even calling for the shuttle he had used to get to the ghost town is a no go. Just as he got ready to start climbing, he would hear a familiar female voice speak to him from behind him.
"Obsilion, you idiot! Where have you been!? What happened to you!?" the female behind him would shout in frustration and worry. She is currently wearing the same titan armor Obsilion is wearing, the only difference is that it was tailored to the female body and that there were a few interesting red marks on her shoulders and helmet. Probably markings of a combat medic for their kind.
Obsilion would freeze a bit and would slowly turn around to look at the female. "..Umm..Hey Slaykyu...Looks like you found me." he chuckles sheepishly putting the majority of his weight on his left leg.
Slaykyu's helmet slides into her armor, the nano technology giving a sort of melting affect as this happens. Doing this, she reveals her green eyes, white fur, and sky-blue hair. She would glare at Obsilion, her eyes full of anger and worry. "Why do you keep doing this to yourself!? Look at you! Look at your armor! What happened to your leg! You disappear for two weeks, blocking all communication and this is what happens!?" She growls in frustration, opening a holographic screen on her left forehoof. "J-just hold still..I’m transferring some of my armor's power to you..."
Obsilion would just watch her. The frustration and care that she's showing, it was reminding him of what the strange stallion said in their conversation. This causes him to look down a bit in shame as he thought to himself. ........He's right.....
It would take a moment or two as Slaykyu worked on transferring power between them. "Looks like you corrupted a few files..I’m guessing you did something extremely risky....Ok. I think I got it. System reboot in 3...2...1.." she then puts her arms down and looks at him.
Obsilion shivers a bit as his suits power comes back on and his suit reboots itself. His visor brings up several system reboot and refresh prompts before everything is back online. His visor then gives him several warning, informing him of the armor breaches, his broken leg, file corruption, and open command sequences that needed to be closed. He sighs and closes said warnings and sequences before running his healing module. Its wasn't really going to heal his broken leg, but it would make it all more comfortable. His helmet then also "melts" into his armor as he looks at Slaykyu. "....Are you alright?..."
"Shouldn't I be asking you that?...It doesn't matter..Let’s get you home so we can patch you up.." she says as she gets him to sit down. "Don't worry about the shuttle. It’s coming to pick us up now."
Obsilion would nod as he sat down and relaxed a bit. "...I'm sorry, Slaykyu...."
"Just...relax...." she would say with a sigh as she sat next to him and waited for the shuttle.
They would sit there together in silence while they waited for their shuttle ship to come and pick them up. It had become dark while they waited as night had fallen upon them. The light of the moon and the many fireflies around them was enough to illuminate their surroundings a bit. Soon a small ship that appeared to be made for transporting small groups of people would make itself visible in the sky at it stopped above them and slowly lowered itself to land in front of them.
As the shuttle landed, it would be then that Obsilion finally spoke as he is helped up by Slaykyu. "...Hey..Slaykyu...I need you to contact everyone....I want to meet with everyone....I also want you to be there for the meeting..." he tells her.
Slaykyu would pause for a moment after hearing this before helping him onto the ship. "..Ok...Am I allowed to ask you why?.." she would ask as she sat him down in one of the many seats in the small ship.
After sitting down, Obsilion would stare at her for a moment, then he would look down a bit. "....I think we all need to talk....Its....It’s time to talk.."
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Smoke (Obsilion)
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Smoke (Obsilion)
There will be another post for that.
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