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Lord Nebulous Coltenheim
by on September 29, 2022
*The royal archivist returns once again to the cities library and royal archive for another entry to add to the royal records he sat down and uses his horn to begin writing in a new blank tome*
"Since my last entry, much change has come to not just the city but to all of the Frozen North region as well by order of our liege the monarchy that has been the ruling government of New Coltenheim and by extension The Frozen North has been reorganized into The Great Houses of the North. This came about due to the variety and diversity of other species living in this region such as dragons, Clydesdale, Yaks, and others as well the first step was for Nebulous to relinquish the title of prince and now known as Lord Nebulous of House Coltenheim the first of the great houses. As of right now, we are looking for potential candidates who will take on the role of a lord to govern their new houses in order to share power in the vast frozen wastes and to create better stability especially now after what our scouts and agents have reported from us down south and a potential enemy that could be the cause of why magic faded in the past 100 years"
"As our lord, Nebulous was tending to the re-organization efforts a scout barged into the great hall his body wounded and his expression of pure horror and fear clear as crystal and the information he gave us would change everything. He told our lord about Opaline the evil alicorn and her desire to have all the equestrian magic for herself to gain power and told us that she attempted to do so many moons ago during Princess Twilights' reign. And Twilight's only solution was to put all the magic into the crystals and separated them along with the three pony races which resulted in the loss of magic but kept Opaline from it as well. And as the rest of Equestria fell to ruins only three pony cities remained each one controlled by one of the three pony races as we know them today as Maretime Bay, Zephyr Heights, and Bridlewood before the magic came back these three cities just like ours were hidden from the rest of the world and as well as from Opaline. And now that magic has returned Opaline now has her sights on the crystals and these three cities are now exposed to the world once again. The scout told us that he infiltrated Opaline's castle and learned all of it from her journals and tomes before being discovered by her as he fled she managed to hurt him several times with offensive magic and at one point got caught and tortured for information but thank Celestia he didn't break and managed to escape and make it back here safely. Then a citizen with a pony smartphone showed the prince a video recording of Princess Twilights' message which only confirmed the scout's information despite some of the message being cut off or fragmented our lord already pieced it all together.
"After sending the traumatized and brutally wounded scout to the hospital our lord now knew his course of action is clear first he must either go after Opaline directly while she is still weak and vulnerable or go after the harmony crystals and take them back here to be better protected. And if all else failed he would make the tough call to either separate the crystals again and sink them at the bottom of the deepest ocean never to be found again or outright destroy them as long as it meant that Opaline does not succeed. However, I urged my lord to not go after the crystals and give Sunny and her friends the chance to prove themselves to be the guardians of the crystals and that we should aid them indirectly in special circumstances and put our focus not just on the reorganization of The Frozen North's government and leadership but also on Opaline."
"With that said a shadow war would begin between Opaline and our Lord Nebulous of House Coltenheim and at this moment we found an underground city in the frozen wastes whose ruler has blood ties to Celestia which could be a good candidate as a leader of a great house the more allies we gain for our shadow war effort against Opaline the better our chances of victory and to make sure the new mane 5 will succeed but we are prepared should all else fail to make drastic and hard decisions to preserve Equestria even if it means we become hated for it"
*The archivist sighs in relief that he's finished but also sighing in concern for what this war will bring as he adds the new tome to the archives and leaves*
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