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Stickman, The Normal Stickian
by on June 11, 2022
(And here we finally come to how Yinu came into my series. How Yinu formed a friendship with her friends, and an emotional bond with Stickman and Jewel. How Yinu got her Keytar Keyblade. It's all here, in Making the Record. Enjoy, everyone! This takes place after the events of No Straight Roads. Oh and i'll start referring to them as their Rhythm Thief names. You'll know why. -Stickman)
CHAPTER 1: A Resounding Sound
Stickman, Jewel, Skye, and Skystar make it to the vibrant and rhythmical city that was Vinyl City. They were in their Rhythm Thief forms. "How is this possible?" Flying Samba said. "I think it's because of the chaos magic that's within this city. I guess it forced us to blend in with the crowd." Phantom S said. "Won't a Hippogriff, a pup, a macaw, and an Ink Being with vibrant outfits look kinda... odd?" Flowing Melody said. They look around and see that no one really cared about their outfits. "I think we'll be okay." Phantom S said as he tipped his fedora. "Besides, I like being in my Rhythm Thief form. Makes me look smooth." Flying Samba looked at Phantom S and smiled. "Yeah, and I like my outfit too. Feels nice being in these outfits." Flying Samba said. "Now, since we're in this forms, we gotta refer to each other as our code names. At least until we get into hiding." Phantom S said. Everyone nodded. Everyone was cheering nearby. "What's that?" Flowing Melody asked. They went over to where the cheering was, and they see a drummer and guitarist rocking out on a stage. "Wow... that's some great music!" Barking Rhythm said. "No kidding." Phantom S said. "Put your hands together for bunk bed junction!" an announcer said. "They must be this world's heroes... I think." Phantom S said. "Let's go talk to them when they're not performing." Flying Samba said. Everyone agreed. After their performance, the group went to meet with the duo. "Oi! Zuke! Look! Fans! With... weird outfits." The guitarist said. "Mayday... don't you know who those are?" The drummer said. "Not... really." Mayday said. Zuke walked up to Phantom S and looked at him. "I know it's not safe to talk here since you want to keep your identities a secret. Let's talk somewhere else." Zuke said. The four nodded and followed the two into the sewers, where their hangout was.
CHAPTER 2: Bunka! Junka!
As soon as they got into the hangout, their forms changed back into normal. "Ohhh! I get it now! They're the USF! I'm such a huge fan of your work." Mayday said. "As am I." Zuke said. Stickman nodded and bowed. "We do pride ourselves on making sure that other people are safe... in other forms or not." Stickman said. They went to the briefing room and noticed a little girl with roses for hair in there. "Yinu! What are you doing here?" Zuke said. "My piano... it was stolen!" Yinu said, looking sad. "Seems like it's a job for us." Stickman said. "You... you'll help me get my piano back? It was my father's before he... passed..." Yinu said, looking down. Stickman kneeled and looked at Yinu. "Yeah. We know how much sentimental stuff means to someone. Especially a piano." Stickman said. Yinu ran up and hugged Stickman. "Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! You don't know how much that piano means to me." Yinu said. "Oof! Heh, I can understand. My sword means a lot to me since I acquired it with an oath to protect those who cannot protect themselves. I almost promised my mom that before I... never saw her again." Stickman said, now sad. "I'm... so sorry to hear that." Yinu said. She hugged Stickman out of sadness. "Heh... thanks." Stickman said. He turned around to see everyone holding back their tears. I get up. "Alright, let's get to work then. We got a piano we need to get back." Stickman said.
CHAPTER 3: The search for Yinu's Piano
As our heroes went around the city, they asked each of the artists if they've seen the piano. Each one of them said no... except for Sayu, the vocaloid mermaid. "I think i've seen it around here somewhere... In fact, I think I saw a weird conductor around my district!" Sayu said. "A weird... conductor..." Phantom S said. "Anyone you know, Phantom S?" Mayday asked. "Hmm... Maybe." Phantom S said. All of a sudden, there was some cackling. "Well, well, well. It seems the heroes have shown up to ruin my fun." A voice said. Descending from the sky came a weirdly-skinned conductor. "My name is Meister Meistro. I came to Vinyl City to take the powers of each of the major artists of this here city... and I will have it!" The conductor said to the group. "Give me back my piano!" Yinu said. "Oh i'll give you back your piano... in due time. Right now, I must prevent you from getting any further in my plans." Meister Meistro said. He pulls out a conductor's wand and points it at Sayu, launching a corrupting blast at her. "Sayu!" Phantom S yelled out. Sayu then goes through a portal, now corrupted. "Farewell... and let us never meet again!" Meister Meistro said as he flew off. "That thing he had... was it... Neon J's robot factory?" Mayday asked. "He must've already gotten to Neon J and 1010!" Zuke said. "Noo... But 1010's my favorite boy band!" Mayday said, sadly. "Enough groveling, we gotta get to Sayu and help her!" Phantom S said. Everyone agreed and headed out to save Sayu. In Sayu's virtual dome, they noticed it was a bit... dark. "It... wasn't like this the last time we came here." Zuke said. Sayu then comes in with x's on her eyes, as well as some corruption on her. "You cannot interfere with the master's plans! I'll have to destroy you!" the corrupted Sayu said. The group engages the corrupted Sayu... minus Yinu. It was getting intense, and Sayu blasted through the group's defenses. Yinu, feeling useless, kneels down on the ground in sadness. "Sayu... don't you remember me? I'm.. your friend!" Yinu said... but it was in vain. Sayu launched out a blast at Yinu. Yinu then holds out her hands in defense, but it seemed to no avail. However... a light appeared in her hands. She then summoned her own Keyblade, blocking the blast using it. "What... what is this?" Yinu said, clearly suprised at the keyblade in her hands. The keychain was a golden rose, and the blade part was golden-thorned roses. The hilt part had a part of her fellow NSR artists' on it. "This... I don't know..." Yinu said, but after looking up at the corrupted Sayu, she then realized what she had to do. With no combat experience, she utilized the Keytar Keyblade's strings and blasted the corrupted Sayu away. "Wow! This is quite some power!" Yinu said, looking at the keyblade. Everyone then comes to and gets up. Phantom S looks at Yinu's keyblade. "That's... a unique keyblade ya got there, Yinu." Phantom S said, shocked. "This is a keyblade? My... own keyblade?" Yinu said. "Yeah. A keyblade is tied to the light within one's heart. It seems that this situation we have here awakened that light. But... i've never seen a keyblade like that before..." Phantom S said. "Ey ey ey! Less talking, more fighting! We gotta get back Sayu!" Mayday said. "Oh! Right!" Phantom S said. After some intense fighting, they finally bring back Sayu. "Oh... i'm so sorry, my friends... I don't know why I wasn't myself..." Sayu said. "It's fine. Meister Meistro probably got a hold on you." Phantom S said. Phantom S then walked up to Yinu. "It seems your light decided that you were getting somethin akin to your origin... that being piano music." Phantom S said. "Well... i'll wield it with honor and responsibility, like my mom always says." Yinu said, holding her keytar keyblade up high. "It seems that the other districts are under Meister Meistro's control. Let's see if we can take them back." Phantom S said. And off they set to take back the districts.
CHAPTER 4: A melody like no other
After helping the other major NSR Artists take back their districts, they met outside Natura, Yinu's district. There was a shield around the concert hall. "That must be where Meister Meistro is." Phantom S said. "It seems like it." Eve said. "Here, i'll shatter it." Phantom S said. He held up high the Rhythm Cane. "Everyone! Lend me your power! Let us return what was lost!" Phantom S said. Everyone then gave a portion of their powers and concentrated it into the Rhythm Cane. With some fancy tricks, Phantom S then launched a piercing blow at the shield, breaking it. "Alright! We can head inside now." Phantom S said. Once inside the concert hall, there was some piano music being played. "That's... That's my piano!" Yinu said. "Then let's get it back." Phantom S said. They walked into the concert hall, where Meister Meistro was. At Yinu's piano sat a robotic replica of Yinu. Beside it, Tatiana and Yinu's mom were both tied up. "Mama!" Yinu said. "Blasted heroes! Your timing is bad!" Meister Meistro said. "Our timing is always perfect." Phantom S said. "No matter. I'll crush you all the same, and then I'll take over this musical city! Robot Yinu, play songs!" Meister Meistro said. With that, the heroes engaged Meister Meistro and Robot Yinu. Once they got to the stage, however, Phantom S and Yinu got separated from the rest of the group. "No!" Phantom S exclaimed. He looked at Yinu. "Hope you know how to use that Keytar of yours." Phantom S said. After some intense battling against the two villains, even rising into the sky at one point, the two were victorious. However, in a last-ditch effort, Robot Yinu explodes, breaking the platform Phantom S and Yinu were standing on. They fell through the sky in a free-fall. Yinu flew over to her piano and grabbed onto the edge of it. Down below, Yinu's mother broke free of her bindings and went up to save her daughter and Phantom S. She successfully does so... but she didn't save Yinu's piano. It fell into the concert hall and split in two, breaking the piano. "No..." Yinu said, sadly. Yinu's mother wakes up, notices the piano, and puts her hand on Yinu. "No! This wasn't according to plan! I'll get you guys next time!" Meister Meistro said, heading off. Yinu's mother grabbed a rock and tossed it at Meister Meistro, knocking him down. He then gets up and heads out. Phantom S walks up to Yinu, who was at her broken piano. "This... was my father's piano... He... he gave it to me before he died... and now... it's... it's gone..." Yinu said. Phantom S put his hand on Yinu's shoulder. "Hey... it's okay. We'll fix it. I promise." Phantom S said. Yinu puts her head into Phantom S's leg, crying softly. "I... I know how much your piano means to you. *He pulls out a blue feather of his bag and shows it to Yinu.* "This... is the last feather I had before I turned into this. My mother... gave it to me to keep to remind myself of home... and the form I once had. Every time I look at this... i'm always reminded of her... and my oath." Phantom S said to Yinu. "But... this is my piano..." Yinu said. "We'll... we'll repair it. I promise. I'm not letting your memory of your father fade away." Phantom S said. "R...really?" Yinu said, looking hopeful. "Yeah." Phantom S said. Yinu hugged Phantom S hard, clearly thankful. "Heh... alright, you'd better get off of me so I can get to work." Phantom S said. Yinu let him go, and Phantom S got to work.
EPILOGUE: The Sweetest Melody
After a while of Phantom S and his friends working together to repair Yinu's piano, it was good as new, even better thanks to the contribution of the USF's resources. After all of that, Yinu came to Phantom S. "Stickman... if... I can call you that... me and my mother would like a word with you." Yinu said. In a view out of sight, Stickman, Jewel, Yinu, and her mother, meet up. "My daughter thanks you for your work in recovering her piano. And she... really loves your work. You saving a lot of lives means a lot to everyone." Yinu's mother said to Stickman. Stickman adjusts his shades. "It means a lot to hear you say that." Stickman said. "And... since she's growing... I was wondering if you could take her with you on your adventures. You three seem to have grown quite a bond. I haven't... seen her so happy since she got that piano from her father." Yinu's mother said. "Are... you sure? We don't really... wanna take her away from her duties and responsibilities here in Vinyl City." Jewel said. "Yes, I'm sure. Besides... if there's ever any problems here in Natura... like a shortage of power or something, she can just teleport back here to Vinyl City to do what she needs to do. Including concerts too." Yinu's mother said. Yinu walked up to Stickman. Stickman looked at Yinu, and she at him. "Well... alright. I guess I can take her with us." Stickman said. Yinu leapt up and hugged Stickman in joy. "Oof! Heh." Stickman chuckled. "Please... protect my daughter with your life. Train her well with that... keyblade... Is that what you call them?" Yinu's mother asked. "Yeah. That's what we call them." Stickman said. "Train her to do what you do. Protecting those who cannot protect themselves... as you say." Yinu's mother. Stickman nodded. "Will do." Stickman said. With that, he tossed down a teleporter cube, which turned into a teleporter. Stickman, Jewel, and Yinu stepped onto the platform, and teleported away, ready to start a new adventure together.
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Stickman, The Normal Stickian
Phew! What a typing. Welp, here ya go, the story behind Yinu's joining into the USF and why she's a main character.
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Stickman, The Normal Stickian
Now, there was a lot more stuff planned for this particular episode, like the fight against a corrupted DJ Subatomic Supernova and all that, but I wanted to get into the meat of the story and... my fingers were kinda getting tired. But in any case, enjoy, everyone!
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