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Smoke (Obsilion)
by on November 10, 2022
This forest is quiet. Too quiet. The sky is gray with bits of light poking through, but the forest is dark. The forest is full of trees and many other plantlife for it is a dense forest, but the plantlife is barely alive with the leaves barely hanging on. There is a tense air to this forest, as if nothing is right. Something is watching. Something is listening. The forest is dead, yet it is breathing. There is an air of death that lingers. The bodies of animals large and small are littered everywhere. A powerful entity resides here, yet at the same time, it doesn’t. This forest is here, yet it is nowhere. This forest barely exists, yet it is here and is as real as the magic in this world. This forest is shrouded in a strange fog. The fog lives and breathes, yet it doesn’t exist….. THIS FOREST DOES NOT BELONG HERE….
In the center of this forest, there is a throne. A black throne with a ghostly red aura to it. A throne made of Death, Carnage, Pain, Hate, Anger, Sadness- A VOID. A throne made of the negative emotions and the darkness of the ponish mind. A throne of grotesque imagery. A throne of WAR. A throne…..of what once was, what will soon be, and what has been. A throne of the lost. A throne of the powerful. A throne of the vanquished. A throne of the triumphant!...... A THRONE OF THE DECEASED…..
An entity sits on this throne. A powerful entity. This entity practically oozes with strength and power. The air of death and carnage increases in intensity around this entity. This entity and their throne…its wrong. This entity doesn’t belong here. This entity….is a curse in of itself. This entity has created this forest as a home. Though this entity is is also familiar, at least to some. As the entity sat on their throne, they would listen to a recorded message. The voice in this message would be familiar to some but would feel as if it should be familiar to all. As the message played, it would ring out throughout the quiet forest. The message would play as follows:
”Looks like this is it…” static “I’ve held the front line for as long as I could…I can no longer uses the elements, otherwise the tree wont be able to be reborn. Because of this- GAH!!” the sounds of roaring, gunfire, explosions, and swords clashing can be heard. “I’m sending the elements, including my own, to you all……. I’m sorry I failed you all….I love you…I cant lose anymore…I have to make sure you are all safe… So I will be left behind. I know this wasn’t the plan, but plans changed… I just hope you all can forgive me.” More gunshots. “….Sylvia…This was more your home than it was mine….Take care of the last of Requium. Take care of the last of Equs. And most importantly, take care of yourself… I know I never told you this enough… But I’m proud of you. I love you so much. I am proud of what you’ve become. You’re so powerful, so strong, you’re just amazing…I am proud to be your father….. Do better than me. Do better than what I did. Take care of this family of friends I have left you…and they will take care of you..” More explosions, gunshots and roars. Heavy, tired breathing is also heard. “…. You know….My old pal was right…. Warriors will sacrifice themselves… They will die for what they believe in. They will sacrifice their life for the good of others. But in the end, when they die…. They wont actually know if what they did truly made a difference…. I’m finally going to die. And I’m only now really questioning this… Did I really make a difference? When I die, I won’t know if my sacrifice really saved you all. I won’t know if anything I did for you all really made a difference. I won’t know if you all will truly be safe…. When I die… I’m not going to know if I saved any of you..” the male voice chuckles a little. “Heheheheh…..This is Obsilion Iridescence Rivier, Soldier 1437, Agent Smoke, The Carbon Demon….Damn it…To hell with the names…….This is Obsilion Iridescence Rivier, The Legendary Requian signing off…… Yeah…… He’s right………I won’t know if any of you will actually survive….” The message slowly fades out as the last words are spoken. “….. That really is a bitch……..”
The message ends.
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