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Smoke (Obsilion)
by on November 11, 2022
The message has ended. The forest is now quiet again, but only for a moment. The entity on the throne would take in a breath, then would slowly exhale as it put away the device it used to play the message. “…..Some would say that was a fitting end for him. There are always casualties in war. He was just one of the many….They are wrong. He was never supposed to die… No one else could see that. No one else could see how wrong things were. We lost all we ever knew. I lost him. The one thing that I knew would stay with me till the very end… I lost him. We lived in darkness and did what we could to survive and rebuild…. That was no life. That was a hell I refused to be apart of…”
The entity’s voice was that of a female. Not too young, but not old either. Maybe late 20’s. The entity seemed to speak to no one in particular. Just simply venting out her thoughts. “I had no other choice. I had to put them all out of their misery. I had to carry this burden…. They would’ve gotten in my way. I couldn’t let them. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do it the nice way. All creatures have a breaking point, and I finally met mine… I SNAPPED~ I just snapped.. and I slaughtered them. When I finally came back to my senses.. I couldn’t stop. I had to move forward with the plan.. but they wanted to get in my way. Some wanted me dead… So I continued to kill them all. I slaughtered them… Unfortunately, I even had to murder the only family I had… My husband, my wife, my friends, my brother-…. I murdered them all. I even ate some for power. Oh well.. It was a necessary evil so I could move on to fix this.. I need help though. I couldn’t just kill Lilith. Poor girl needed to be the first part of my plan. I needed her to be my dragon fire~ Turning her to a dragon, erasing some of her memories and placing her into an artifact was just step one.. I needed to come back to this time. I needed to go back to the past and change things. I needed Requium to keep him alive. I needed creatures to believe in me as the shroud. I needed to place Lily further back in time as a cursed dragon….. Everything is now finally falling in motion… I will make sure we don’t lose this time. Even if I have to kill more.”
The entity…. The Shroud would form a huge orb in front of herself. The orb was a strange mixture of purple and green. She would stare at the orb as it played a current event. “….Looks like Sylvia is fighting Gabriel.. Good~ If things go well, this will be the push she needs to reach her full potential.. How exiting~ And lets check on Lily and Flair~”
The orb then transitions to show where these said characters are. “…..I see… Flair is still sleeping. At least she got the needed surgery… But why hasn’t Lily taken control?... This angers me…. Just a minor set back.. She will show eventually. My precious Jade Dragon will soon make herself known… I cant wait to see the look on everyone’s faces when they hear of these things… This is going to be fun~”
The Shroud’s ears would twitch a bit. She can hear footsteps and weapons. They are not close, but they aren’t far either. “……” The Shroud would begin to giggle like a crazed demon. “Looks like they finally figured out where their anomaly is hiding… Such joy~”
The Shroud snaps her fingers, causing the orb to disappear. She then stands, her eyes glowing as she now wears an evil grin. “Alright Dark One…My plan is in motion. So is yours. All things are final. All preparations have been made.”