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Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
by on January 17, 2023
(Welcome back to the island of tortured memories. Ready to see the mascot-only room once more? This is a sequel to a horror story I did way back when involving Destroy Man from No More Heroes, and the Abandoned by Disney creepypasta main location, Treasure Island, or, as it's called in this story, Mogwlii's Palace. This time around, the heroes return back to the horror place where it all began. The abandoned Mowglii's palace. There has been some unusual activity on the island lately, and Stickman and his friends must journey back to the horrific island to investigate. But it's more than just props and haunted mascot costumes this time, as a looming presence threatens to break out the horrors within into the Cartoon Universe to wreck havoc. Will Stickman and his friends stop whatever looms within the island and stop whoever's behind the large-scale threat? Find out as we brave into the island once more... ~Stickman)
The episode starts with Stickman hitching a flight on Skystar's back with Yinu behind Stickman. He had a protective raincoat on so the rain doesnt get on him. Skye and Jewel were flying beside. It was a stormy day. "Are you sure it's around here?" Skye asked. "It should be, it is under some trees..." Stickman said. Jewel would be the one to spot it. "Found it!" Jewel exclaimed. They would fly down to the docks of the island, Skystar being careful not to be near the splashing water so it doesn't hurt Stickman. "Thanks." Stickman said to Skystar. With that, they went inside the island.
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Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
Only posting now so you guys can see what story i'm working on next. Will bump up when it's fully completed! This will consist of a short range of up to 5 chapters, and is indeed canon in all of the timelines i'm in. Off-screen for Fate's Judgement and The Castle on my end, by the way.
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