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by on February 9, 2023
NEFARIOUS! would be walking the streets as a small child would grab his hand.
"Help mister! There is a bad man and he has my brother! Please!" NEFARIOUS! would sigh and walk towards the alleyway. It was a trap. He knew that much but what was it? Gang activity? Murderers who rope children in. No... He would keep an eye on the left side of the alleyway. Neffy hears breathing instead. Once he got close, he could see deformed fingers as he stopped mid-walk and just after a big row of teeth would bite down on air. The clack of the teeth was loud. The creature had a giant row of teeth and large eyes. It would chuckle and slump back. Then several odd creatures would be seen through the end of the other side of the alley. He would gauge his options but the entire alleyway was covered in eyes. The little girl vanished and he kept walking. He would see an odd lady. Short in nature and a proper-looking doctor. She had a doctor's coat, a dress shirt tucked in, and khakis. She had brown loafers and even had a tie with a rainbow on it.
Her fur was white and she had long poofy hair. It looked similar to a lion's mane but light blue. It also had a streak of dark blue in it. She also had pale blue eyes. The lady was blind but that didn't stop her from knowing he was there. She would shrug and shake her head. "Sorry about that! Goofy me! I meant to take your head off when I had the chance." She tapped her head with a balled fist. "Sorry again! Now! Let us discuss how you would like us to kill ya! I'm nice kind like that." She would nod. NEFARIOUS! would point at her with sheer confidence.
"Who the hell do you think you are talking to lady? Fuck off!" He would stick his middle finger up. The lady gave a look of awe and surprise. Frankly, she was expecting him to quiver in his boots. She would shrug.
"My name is Cross Reid. It's a pleasure! Now... Boys! It's time." It was like people came from the shadows and thin air. They surrounded him. They ranged from large to small but all of them were shredded. "Don't let him change! Come on now!" NEFARIOUS would have his eyes turn red as his time was made asunder as a fist would punt him into a wall. He slumped over but before he could recover. Many of the fellas started pummeling him. The face and then stomach then swept off his feet to the ground. They would stomp on him until blood covered the ground before him. Splattered with each kick.
Cross would pull one away as she stopped them. "Well since you are alive. We have plenty of questions. We will get the answers." She would bare witness to a weakened nefarious! as she pulled pliers.
"We are done hiding from you people. Now give up." She would look down in disgust.
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