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Nar Yakushi
by on May 9, 2023
//Was going to post this as a regular post, but forgot I was still logged in as a different character, and CA won't let me paste this into the regular post box.
2 Days. A poor little girl has been lost in the Astral Highway System for 2 days. Nar couldn't even begin to imagine just what this little girl was going through. Alone in a chaotic mess of topographies, with no way of knowing anyone was looking for her. Alone, afraid, and likely starting to lose herself.
The amount of luck he's had so far has been unusual for Nar. He's been through multiple highways in layer 3, but he's had very few encounters with Astral Entities, or highways he couldn't navigate safely. However, after two days of searching, He's beginning to think Sadie may have ended up in a deeper layer. If that's the case, he may have to call off his search soon. If she went to layer 4, or lower, she's likely been dead for at least a day now.
One more highway in layer 3. If Nar doesn't find her there, he's going one layer deeper, but no more than one highway. After that, he's turning back, and getting out.
The red door gives no sound as Nar pulls it open. He steps through, and finds himself in what appears to be a forest. Only, the trees are made entirely of some sort of weird looking metal. Probably best to avoid touching them. There's no telling what this highway has in store for him.
After taking a few steps away from the door, Nar hears a noise break the silence of the highway. A few steps more, and he can make out a voice. It sounds like a young girl, whimpering. The sound of Nar's footsteps echo as he approaches the source of the sound. As he turns past a particularly large tree, he finds a young girl, curled up in the fetal position underneath one of it's large branches.
"Hey there sweetheart. Are you Sadie?" Nar's voice is soft, and hopefully, reassuring. It had taken some practice, but he was finally able to get his 'soft voice' to sound more like a caring good Samaritan, and not the office creep.
At the sound of his voice, the girl's ears perk up. She weakly lifts her head to look up. The first thing Nar notices is her eyes. They're red, and fairly puffed, alongside stains of dried tears on her cheeks. Then, she reaches out towards him, beginning to faintly whine, as if she were beginning to cry. However, no tears form in her eyes. Instead, she begins to croak out a cry as Nar reaches down, and gently picks her up.
Without a word, the young girl latches on to Nar's shoulder as she likely would her own mother, or father. She appears to try to speak, but her speech is severely slurred, and what words he can make out a barely coherent. Thank god he found her when she did. She's in the initial stages of Astral Illness, but she can easily be treated with some food, water, and rest. He just needs to get to a safer highway to set up camp first.
As Nar turns around to go back to a Level 2 Highway, 3 highways away he softly sings a lullaby to the little girl in order to help her calm down, and let her know she would be okay. He's not the best singer, but his voice does it's job, and soon, the little girl is beginning to doze off in his arms.
Now, Nar just hopes the Astral Highways will be kind, and make his journey back easier so this girl, who he REALLY HOPES is Sadie can sleep soundly.