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Seir Genevieve
by on January 13, 2018
Seir's life down in Hell is something he prefers to keep out of the conversation. For this reason there is very little information on the matter. What I could tell you though is that his Hell is divided not only by levels but by sections too. There are 7 kings, one for each fatal sin, and each king rules a faction of Hell which is dedicated to the sin they represent.
Seir is a direct descendant of the King of Envy, Beelzebub's bloodline. He was born a triplet, meaning he has 2 siblings, a brother and a sister. All 3 of them are identical genetically and only differ slightly in looks due to the way each of them grew up. Seir is in the middle, with an older brother and a younger sister. Their names are Seres, Seir and Sarah in that respective order.
The demons from this Universe have certain defined personality traits depending on the Fatal sin their bloodline ascends from. As such, Seir's personality, most blatantly the negative aspects of it, are heavily driven by Envy itself. Seir has a tendency to want everything he can't have and specially if someone else has it.
This aspect of his personality becomes awfully notorious when it comes to reaping souls, while he enjoys an easy deal, he will most likely direct his efforts into pestering those who have already said no to him very clearly. Another prominent trait of his is that he can't stand when another is entitled to something he can't have, be it good or bad things. Seir oftentimes feels jealous of others. I visually represented this aspect of his by giving him wings.... which are way too little to fly. Seir is unable to fly despite having the wings to do so and he is restricted to sit and watch bitterly, I felt like this holds true for him in more ways too. In his condition as a demon Seir is unable to experience many things the same way any mortal creature would and it truly infuriates him.
Seir and other demons of his kind consume souls in order to remain 'alive' to put it simply. He doesn't have a soul of his own therefore he is unable to produce the life force necessary for all living things in order to claim a body and remain alive. A single soul can provide a lot of said energy, maybe enough to keep going for years, but since they're quite scarce Seir will put every drop of sweat necessary into gathering as many as possible. Without a soul to consume Seir's control over his flesh body would decrease until he'd eventually be expelled from it and continue to fade out of existence as a demon in spiritual form. The only souls which would be useful for this type of use are complete non corrupted souls, therefore any sort of undead being's broken soul would not seal the deal.
Demons like Seir are vulnerable to certain things. Other than worrying about running out of lifeforce Seir has to be careful not to come in contact with any form of blessing spell or charm. His very nature is chaotic and negative, therefore positive energies and light-based magic are threatening to him. Demon warding charms and other anti-demon crafts are harmful to him. Demon circles for summoning and other cryptic symbols are also useful if you know the right type. Severely damaging Seir's flesh body would cause for him to be expelled from it, this method proves tricky however because Seir would use magic means to restore himself to Health before anything threatening were to occur, a sudden deadly blow would still likely do the trick, an exorcism would have the desired effect as well and would also cause for him to be expelled right back to Hell if performed right.
Seir can perform magic so long as he has enough 'fuel'. He is at his prime when he's just consumed a soul. Since souls are a scarce resource Seir makes sure to store as much energy from them as possible and only uses magic when strictly necessary and in small amounts. Something that he can't possibly do is to bring back someone who is dead, he can reanimate a corpse as if it were alive but said corpse would not contain a soul itself and would not be the one it was before. Seir might trick you into believing he is able to pull such a feat but truth be told no demon can bring a soul back once it's been disposed. Most of Seir's magic is based off of illusions which require the conjurer to believe in it for it to work. While most of these illusions are very convincing it takes little to break them. Spells of love, Health and Wealth do nothing but create the illusion that one bears these blessings but they aren't actually there. Seir's magic is stronger when casting curses and any other type of harm.
His magic can also be employed as a means of creating magical barriers and fuel for other magic spells, this type of demon can be incredibly useful for a wizard if said wizard knows how to tame it. These demons have the ability to possess and minorly control bodies which aren't their own, Seir built himelf a flesh body but other demons of his type may simply choose to possess someone and steal theirs. While Seir is still able to perform a possession this would mean to leave his own body in a state of inconsciousness so he does not make use of this skill often. Possession only works on a beign who is susceptible or weak and who doesn't have a Will-power strong enough to expel the demon from his own. If that were the case an exorcism would be the solution.
Last but not least Seir's Hell is a fiery, intensely hot place. Therefore Seir feels a certain discomfort when exposed to cold climates. Seir's "shell" or "flesh body" (as I have called it) has all the limitations and is able to feel sensations any other living body can. Meaning Seir is able to feel tired, warm and cold, pain and pleasure, hunger or thirst as well as other physical stimulus. Seir is also able to feel emotions to an extent though this is mostly an illusion as well. Seir is able to experience anger and other raw negative emotions naturally but unable to feel things such as empathy or affection and happiness or sadness and other types of complex emotions. This causes his understanding of mortal creatures to be fairly limited and mostly based on his own assumptions.
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Ryk levitated a flamethrower and a map to the nearest Breezy village. "...Need souls?"
Seir Genevieve
Seir narrows his eyes in suspicion. "What's the flamethrower for?"
"he will most likely direct his efforts into pestering those who have already said no to him very clearly"
Seir Genevieve
Schwoopy Tail
"He will most likely end up being thrown back to the pits of Hell where monstrosities and abominations such as he belong"
Seir Genevieve
Seir grumbles ununderstandable gibberish.
Princess Bluemoon
Schwoopy Tail
Me @ur fanfiction
Seir Genevieve
Oops Sorry! It is a little long XD; lemme simplify it so it's easier understood -> Seir's mean
City Bread
I bet Seir went to the king of ass-eating.
Seir Genevieve
Yeah, he was very surprised when he arrived there and City was at the throne
City Bread
U G H.
Shiyar, Lady of Dragonveil
It's a crime to have a being from down under look so lovable.
Daddy Cambia
Ever since Dante wrote his fanfic Inferno, hell fan-canon has gradually got worse and worse.
Schwoopy Tail
I prefer Paradiso~