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Sol Noctis
by on November 4, 2018
I've been noticing lately a mass influx of petty arguments over eating meat. I don't get it. Is it so much to ask to not be berated because I happen to eat how humans are *supposed* to eat, a mixture of ALL food types? Every night when I look at the feed all I see is stuff like this. It's depressing! I come here for ponies, roleplay, and friends.
Now, let me make something VERY clear:
I do NOT support eating only plants/not eating anything from animals, HOWEVER, if you DO, I RESPECT YOUR CHOICE.
DO NOT criticize me for my lifestyle choices. Because let me be honest. You wouldn't want me criticizing you over such petty things would you? No? Thought not.
This has gotten way out of hand so I am BEGGING now.
PLEASE agree to disagree. This is the kind of crap that rips communities to shreds. It'd kill me to see that happen here.
Thank you for your time.
Demonic H. Hooves
you know you're like. . .fanning the flames doing this right?
Sol Noctis
Snow Storm
I learnt very quickly that those who protest don’t help their cause because it makes the other majorities angry and uncomfortable. It’s unfortunate that vegans can’t be too preachy in public because it makes them as a whole look bad when in reality, it’s a minority that spread a bad name. I get a li...View More
Sol Noctis
No, no i completely understand that. Its when (and i see it a lot) they guilt trip people into it. THAT is my problem. I know y'all good people. Its really just the methods.
Henceforth why the "hidden post" and "Bell Notification" feature was the best creation thus far for the site. Just close the disagreements and go on about your day.
Sol Noctis
Well thanks for cluing me in. (literally didnt realize they were there)
Oh nono, that comment wasn't by any means a 'smart-ass' remark. Just in my discovery I was happy for it existing. I just find those forms of debates rather hard to talk about without some form of derailment of disputes firing from both sides.
Sol Noctis
Oh no i was being sincere lol
Spartan Sword the unicorn
I think it mainly has to do with everyone here acting like their pony persona and since no one in mlp really eats meat unless they're a cannibal, then some have decided to go all out with their pony characters as to act like the show and be vegan. I don't know, I may be talking out my flank and don'...View More
Kind Claw
You make a good point but you need to understand why even though people get so much ridicule/hate, still continue to speak out. The reason is simple, it's for the animals, for health, for the planet and for the people. The majority of people who adopt the eating only plants or the vegan lifestyle is...View More