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Snow Storm
by on December 3, 2018
Hello dearest users!
It is Canterlot Avenue’s anniversary since it was opened last year. To celebrate, we’ve come with a wonderful present for you all today. Some of you may have heard the news of multiple character profiles coming out and we are happy to inform that they are now officially implemented into Canterlot Avenue for users to use!
Along with this new application, we have also created subscription tiers that allow users to join up with a monthly payment to Canterlot Avenue and obtain exclusive features and future implementations to come.
All regular users will be allowed to have up to 5 multiple character slots. The reason we did not make it infinite is because Canterlot Avenue requires donations from users so it can pay its rent to Poniverse each month. If users would like more character slots, there are 2 options.
For 5 permanent extra slots on top of the existing 5 slots, a user can make a one time donation of just $5.
For extra on top, users can subscribe to one of Canterlot Avenue’s packages.
Currently, subscription packages are bare but as time progresses, new exciting add ons will be included. At the moment, these are the packages:
- Basic Package $5 a month (Twilight’s Student) - 20 character slots, colour ring around profile image and icon, option to change the color of the profile banner.
- Premium Package $25 a month (Cadence’s Crystal Guard) - 30 slots, colour ring around profile image and icon, option to change the color of the profile banner. (More features to come).
- Ultimate Package $35 a month (Luna’s Protector) - Unlimited character slots and all features.
- Ultra Package - Contact Us what you would like to donate above existing donation packages (Celestia’s Captain) - Unlimited character slots, all features, early access to new site features.
Users who apply to the subscription packages will have their user group changed to one of the following tiers above.
Subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime, however, once a subscription is cancelled, all character profiles that were created after the first 5 will be locked UNLESS the user donated $5 for the extra 5 slots. Then, any slots made after the 10 slots will be locked until subscription is paid once more.
Canterlot Avenue sincerely appreciates any donations made to the site as it allows it to remain up and running for users. No money is given to ads or for personal gain and is directly deposited into Poniverse to pay for the server. If you have any enquiries or would like to subscribe, please inform one of Canterlot Avenue’s Administration team members.
How multiple character profiles work
Step 1: It is very easy to create a new character profile. To create one, simply go to the profile options drop down menu to location at the bottom “Your characters.”
Step 2: Once clicked you’ll be taken to your character slot page. Clicking on “Add character” will take you to a new page where you fill out the name, username of the page, and option to add a profile picture. Then, once you’re think you’re ready, click “Create.”
Step 3: Automatically, you will be taken to the edit profile page for your new character profile. You will also be sent an email to welcoming your new profile to the site.
This new page will not obtain your friends from the previous profile, nor the achievements, badges and user groups. However, to the right side of the profile, there will be a new box labelled “Other characters” which will display your linked accounts.
To switch between characters, simply go back to “Your characters” and click “Switch” on whichever character you would like to be as.
How to change profile banner cover color for subscribers
Step 1: If you’re a subscriber, you get to have the feature of changing the hue of your profile banner cover. The profile banner cover color is located behind your profile name and the hue changer will be located on your profile on the right side under the Donations box.
Step 2: Click on “Enable Editing” inside the “Change Color Cover” box which will show a hue number box. You can also click on the hue number box to allow a drop down color picker to appear.
Step 3: Once settled on a color, click “OK” then “Save.” You can change this as much as you desire.
Anniversary of Canterlot Avenue’s first day of opening
With all of the multi character profile and subscription stuff out of the way, we here at Canterlot Avenue staff are extremely proud of the site and how far it has come. It has been a slow start due to the lack of developers, but Comp has been working endlessly to apply results for users. Please, if you have the time, thank Comp for all his hard work. He is truly a one man team!
As for the users, we would all like to thank you for joining us on our journey and supporting the site in its early years. Canterlot Avenue wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for user interest. So today, we would like to award users an EXCLUSIVE one day badge to those who comment on this journal on the 4th of December (12 Central) with something nice they like about Canterlot Avenue and or comment and tag friends that you’ve made here at CA. This badge will only be given to sincere and serious comments. Joke comments will not count towards obtaining the badge.
Special Badge

Special Present for Founding Donors
Those who donated to Canterlot Avenue’s founding - to the construction before becoming an official site - will be awarded 10 permanent character slots as well as a one month free basic package subscription which includes 10 extra character slots, colour ring around profile image and icon and option to change the color of the profile banner. Once the month is over, the extra 10 character slots will be closed.
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RIP, missed out..
Like December 5, 2018
Ambient Waves
Like December 5, 2018
Never even knew :(
Like December 5, 2018
I thought this blog was just for the donation badges, but for the first anniversary badge, did not know. Kinda sucks it was so short lived. :/
Like December 5, 2018
//I know I'm late to this but hey now I split the trio I was rping as finally because of this though I mentally almost got confused since I did everything on my phone
Like December 6, 2018
Queen Lesa
//Well shit, I'm really late on this. xD I know I won't get the Special Badge because of being so late. Nevertheless, I still can leave a comment. ^v^ I've been with CanterlotAvenue since January 2, 2018. And I gotta say I really like it here. Scratch that, I love it here. It brings back so many me... View More
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Well i'll bite too, better say something nice and move on than be salty. When i joined CA on my older account, it was not long after it first started. Met some good people here, seen drama come and go, and various post that got the user insta banned. ... View More
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Ambient Waves
so the opposite of me. Wonderful! glad to hear, I've never seen a user banned for a post so!
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