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Ambient Waves
by on December 7, 2018
Dear Acallia,
It's I Ambient Waves, sorry It's been a while since I've reported... But I've been really busy with learning about Equestria.. It's filled with interesting characters so far... I confronted a person who does love thingies and get angry at him... Then I've set up a stand to sell some oils.. It's taken two days for a pony to buy a single thing... No pony has visited the spa yet...
It's hearths and hooves day here almost... Which is kinda like festival of Light and Snow which we have back there! Though, it seems more focused on spending time with family in a home rather then spending time with new friends, family and more at the festival.
I've also met Midnight my sister I've not seen in a while, that is a bit more controlling then normal but she has a good few timberwolves with her now.. I think six or seven now! Though she keeps asking me to ask weaird questions to ponies for some odd reason... Anyway, I have got to go, I know it's not a huge update but yeah! Write back soon!
-Ambient Waves
Topics: devka, letter