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by on December 6, 2018
Dear Acallia, It's I Ambient Waves, sorry It's been a while since I've reported... But I've been really busy with learning about Equestria.. It's filled with interesting characters so far... I confronted a person who does love thingies and get angry at him... Then I've set up a stand to sell some oils.. It's taken two days for a pony to buy a single thing... No pony has visited the spa yet... It's hearths and hooves day here almost... Which is kinda like festival of Light and Snow which we...
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by on November 18, 2018
Dear Acalllia, I hope you're doing well, I am enjoying my time in Equestria. I've learned so much and met some interesting ponies so far over the week, the spa isn't doing much...but I enjoy the relaxing time it's provided so far, though I can't help feeling the need to come back to Devka where I feel a little more welcomed...Sorry, but I will only able to write to you weekly mostly, as I'm busy learning the customs of this place! This week, I believe I've met this dark blue Alicorn named ...
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