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Kind Claw
by on December 26, 2018
Yesterday I was alone for Hearths Warming but I was not lonely. I had never been alone for Hearths Warming and I am grateful for the test. You see a day like any other would not effect my happiness so why 25/12? There was once a time when we were young and it didn't matter what we were doing or what day it was we were happy. Sticks were swords, tucked in arms turned you into a velociraptor and rainy days meant we could feel the rain. Something happened along the way, I don't know if it was Society, the schools or our peers but some force planted seeds in our mind that made us believe we needed to be more to be happy and it's taken time to realign my mind to simply be happy without anything external. I wish hippieness on you all I hope that one day you train with your heart and find the key within. Your mind is the key, the lock, the door and every obstacle in between.
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