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by on January 10, 2019
Welcome to the world of Asylum!
Roleplays will be based on a survival horror idea where a group of characters for one reason or another encounter a Hellion or so. Will they escape the deathly grasp of the Hellion? Or will yet another group fall prey to such a cruel fiend?
This will no doubt be a little rough but if everyone is willing to cooperate I believe this could make for many fantastic roleplays! So please... read this journal thoroughly and skim the others to at least to get a feel for things; this will be much more complicated than the standard wall post. Roleplays are on your honor, it's not about 'winning' or 'losing' it's just about having fun and finding the happy medium between exciting and believable. Your character dying, something you dislike happening, not being in complete control of the roleplay... if any of those bother you, you can stop here because this isn't for you.
Roleplays will be determined by information specified in the starter post. Each 'starter post' should include the following info at least. "Where is the location? How many hellions? How many prisoners? How many faculty members?" It will be the original poster's job to keep track of and update how many spots are still available. Each comment will feature a separate group in the roleplay.
Example: ' Insane Asylum - 1h,3p,2f '
The roleplay will take place in the insane asylum featuring a total of 6 roleplayers. 1 hellion, 3 prisoners, 2 faculty.
You may claim any of the positions with a comment which gives further detail to the situation. If you're travelling in a group you must specify this! Allow each group member a chance to reply/react before continuing.
Example: [1f,1p] There I was walking, a shackle around my hooves making it hard to walk faster. There was a guard that followed closely behind. A rumble echoed from the vents once again, I've been hearing noises ever we got here. "I swear we're not alone, why the fuck are we here again? This place doesn't feel right." I asked, looking over my shoulder.
My role is now a prisoner being escorted by a guard. Whoever wishes can claim the role of that guard.
People can also claim the role of the hellion, they should do so by giving further detail to which hellion they are.
Example: [h] Forgotten Lurker - Likes wreckage, abandoned buildings, places to hide || Feral, doesn't understand language, screeches often, is not cunning || Scary fast, rather fond of the vents/tight spaces, only attacks in the dark, terrified of light.
While more information is appreciated, or better yet a chilling introduction, the minimum can still work.
This should give you a loose feel for things, please read the other journals for more information! <3
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