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by on April 17, 2019
This is a quote by Darren Cuffs. I don't claim any part of this as my own, as it was all his. so thank him, not me for this wonderful literature he has blessed upon us. Being the loser so someone else can have the spot light is healthy. It keeps your OC in check and doesn't let them become any thing else other than what they are; imperfect. You can't make an OC that can win every hand of poker. You can't make an OC that wins every battle. You can't make an OC that conquers every conflict...
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by on April 15, 2019
"I'm tellin' ya man. One date. All it takes. Give it a go. When was the last time you actually did anything with a girl besides pray with her and listen to her problems. I bet one's blushed at you at least once as you've held her petal-soft hands in yours...mmmmmmmmff" Couper sniffs loftily before taking a bite out of his souffle, chuckling at the sound of discomfort from the stallion across from him. "Can we please stop talking about this. I don't want a date." "You are wasting your life...
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