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Ambient Waves
by on January 28, 2019
Hello Ambi! It's been far to long since I heard from you, I just can't wait I might need to fly over there sometime! Anyway, I noticed you asked a rather odd question about your past, Acallia seemed on edge when I heard you were asking for information about yourself! Maybe she was just trying to remember everything. Anyway!
Your question was a interesting one on what exactly was happening to your mother in a letter that Acallia written to you in reply. Well, i dont really remember much myself it was far before you were born. But your mother came to the bakery where I work, when off from the castle shifts of cause thay way when I visit the orphans I can bring them small amount of food to them. Anyway I do trail off a lot sorry.
She asked for a Pizza to be delivered to an address in the castle that turned out to be Anna's science lab, which made me a little curious about what was going on this rather late. Anyway, Spring seemed to be as always rather happy to help ponies with things. So I decided to go to the lab shortly after flying to deliver pizza when I heard some Screams of pain that sounded like your mother. I quickly rushed only to find Spring on the floor in pain with Anna holding a needle.
I barged in rather quickly in panic, as Anna seemed to just stand there looking down at your mother doing nothing.. I managed to grab her quickly and run, though on my way out I knocked a few things over where then Acallia woke up and seen what happened... Or was... I do have to go now sorry I can't write more, you know Acallia always keeping everyone busy!