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Ambient Waves
by on January 29, 2019
Hey Ambient,
It's wonderful to hear from you after all these years... Though why would you say ask such a thing? Also who told you about everything that happened? They got it all wrong. This is really what happened.
You're mother and I was rather close friends, she was rather unhappy having a few problems herself, anyway I wanted to help so I went to my lab and we'll with ingredients and such I managed to make this really odd.. Looking potion it was a bright pink with slight Glowing.. Anyway, I tested it on a rat or frog.. They didn't seemed harm for it, I wanted to ask Acallia but I knew she has made most of what I am doing forbiden.
Pony experimentation, doing stuff without her knowledge and more.. Anyway since nothing bad happened I knew it was working.. Somewhat without a proper test it was hard to know. I asked your mother to try, she happily helped knowing I would never harm her and the animals used nothing bad happened so. Anyway, we ordered pizza to have for when it was done. So I picked it up and walked over to her and slowly started to inject it... I'm sorry I shouldn't of jumped the gun but progression on a huge if not powerful fertility potion would be beyond what most can do. But little did I know it also has the affect of weakening the immune system so massivly.. I'm sorry, there should of been things I could of done.. Tests on blood and such...
I understand if you never forgive me... That is all - Anna