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Ambient Waves
by on January 30, 2019
Dear Ambient,
It has came to slight concern you're asking others, but I understand about getting the full story. As I myself don't remember enough but please be careful, as they can tend to sway your opinion.
Now with that said let's get on with the rest of the story you asked for, I've been pacing back and forth for a long while now trying to remember. Anyway!
After a week or two after the Anna incident, your mother finally recovered in hospital and according to the reports nothing really showed up which was a relief that she was okay
Though the nurse said something about a odd immune system response to a few small things. Anyway, your mother got out of bed and instantly wanted to go for a trip to the Glowing Forest to an old spot we use to sit at..
Anyway, we got to the area near a lake and rested there to talk and ask what happened we were attacked by some timberwolves. Anyway, we uhh both ran other directions towards the main town a few chased after her and a few then me. After a bit I made it to town and seen no sight of your mother so I instantly ran back after a few minutes of searching.. I seen something no pony would have to go though.. I managed to chase them off.. But..
After a day or two after that your mother felt sick.. Umm we were not sure why but.. So we went to a nurse again.. And found out your mother was uhh.. Pregnant.. Which had everyone in curiosity...
That all I have time for today, visit soon Okay?
-Queen Acallia
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Liath Mac Medb
The plot thickens.
Ambient Waves
Very much so, and that also clears up some things about Midnight.
Liath Mac Medb
For sure!