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Liath Mac Medb
by on February 1, 2019
Far to the northeast of Equestria and surrounded by the turbulent waters of what is known as the Sea of Saint Checht. It's waters are incredibly rough and violent, and only the most daring and or foolhardy of sailors dare even enter them. At the center of the sea lays a large cloud of mist that hangs perpetually over the water, inside of which lies the island of Maréire. It is a large landmass with an area of roughly 32.5 thousand miles and consists of rocky cliffs, rolling plains, and ancient forests. The climate is quite similar to that of Equestria, having four seasons at roughly the same time as well. What is interesting however, is that Maréire appears to be magical. That is, the land itself possesses magical properties to protect itself, and it's denizens.
The capital city is called Gallowmere and acts as the main coastal port for the whole island as well as where the ruling Queen of the island's matriarchal society lives. The city itself is named after a special kind of metal that is only found on Maréire called Gallowglass that seems to be naturally enchanted by the land itself and is nearly indestructible requiring a combination of special tools and magical rituals to even attempt to mine. The secrets of course the locals are not keen to share, and the island holds many secrets indeed. The ponies that live here are extremely hardy, even by Equestrian standards and tend to be taller, their manes and coats tend to lean towards earthy colors such as reds, greens, and browns. In addition to the common tongue, it seems that pretty much everyone is able to speak in a language that is unique to the island.
The denizens of the island seem friendly and hospitable enough and in addition to your regular Earth Ponies, Unicorns, and Pegasus the other common inhabitant appears to be tiny sprites with wings no bigger than an insect. They possess butterfly like wings, and they have two legs with feet, and two arms with hands possessing ten fingers. They are referred to collectively as Aosì and come in as many colors as can be imagined. The glow constantly with magical energy, and are believed locally to be connected to the very land itself. The current Queen, Maev rules actively and benevolently, and seems to be greatly loved by most of the denizens of Maréire. She is the only Alicorn on the entire island, which is another magical quirk of the land. Alicorns are not born here, they are gifted by the magic of the island, and are seen as Divine Providence. The Ruler's duties, set down by an ancient pact with the land itself by a powerful spell known as a Geas, consist of being protector both the island itself, as well as it's people. Betraying this oath results in the death of the ruler, which makes sure the country is always led in the right direction and does not become corrupt by a power hungry ruler. The breaking of the Geas has only happened a handful of times throughout Maréire's history.
Topics: backstory, history, lyle
it's like Irish ancient china, I like it.