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by on February 3, 2019
My excitement roused me from my sleep early the morning of the interview. Foreign royalty! How often does a chance like this happen? Almost never I would imagine, not to humble book writers in any case. It is a unique opportunity, and while interviews are not normally something that I publish I simply can't pass up an opportunity like this to go alongside my travel guide to Maréire. After my morning breakfast and coffee, and a read through the local news it was not long before someone from the c...
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by on February 2, 2019
Now that the wonderful readers of this book have a general idea of what Maréire is like on the surface, it is time that we delve a bit deeper. The native ponies are open enough about their culture, especially after they've had a few drinks in them at their favorite establishment. Their ancient history is a wonderfully rich tapestry of living Gods, powerful warriors, warring kingdoms, and an ancient and mysterious enemy known as the Firbolg. As I sit here at one of the few inns in Gallowmere and ...
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by on February 1, 2019
Far to the northeast of Equestria and surrounded by the turbulent waters of what is known as the Sea of Saint Checht. It's waters are incredibly rough and violent, and only the most daring and or foolhardy of sailors dare even enter them. At the center of the sea lays a large cloud of mist that hangs perpetually over the water, inside of which lies the island of Maréire. It is a large landmass with an area of roughly 32.5 thousand miles and consists of rocky cliffs, rolling plains, and ancient f...
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