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by on April 14, 2019
Heyo! This blog is how you can easily credit art on CA, please remember that just cause you credit it does NOT mean it is okay to post! Find out if the original artist allows for reposts with credit. Check out my other blog on this topic: and about reposting art:
This is an easy step by step tutorial to show how to credit artist in the description of your photo.
Uploading a new picture
First, upload your picture as usual,
Then copy and paste the original artist name in the description, and update your photos!
That's it!
Easy right?
But, what If you already uploaded the picture?
Go to the photo you uploaded, and click the little gear at the top right.
Click on Edit this Photo
and there we go! Now you can copy and paste the artist's page and give proper credit
Congrats, you now know how to credit art
If you don't see a reason to credit art, don't know how to find sources, or anything, read my other blog
As always, I am very happy to help find original images and help you give proper credit, or find out if you can repost.
Caitlin Meowskivitz
Kayla is at it again, being a credit to the staff team!
i'm all for crediting artists....but if they don't have it LEGALLY copyrighted then by posting it online = fair use, and asking for more then credit is very much not within your right, UNLESS you have a copyright on it. this is done so that a company can not copyright strike/claim something referenc...View More
It's extremely rude to repost art when an artist has explicitly stated that they do not want their art posted. Many artists will put on their profile "Do not repost" and it's best to accept that and move along. Please read this blog and if you would like to discuss further, DM me. https://canterlota...View More
ik my opinion on this is seen in a negative light, but i'm like what harm happens when new people see your art for the first time from someone crediting you with an example of why thy thing you are a good artist?
It's completely the artist's view and opinion. Just please respect that. Many artists do not like having their art on websites they do not have profiles on, or have immediate access to, it's different for everyone.
dally are you going by the united states description of fair use or some websites description of it. as i am based in the us so the only laws that apply to me is laws in the us. so long as i am not in international waters/ on international land.
You actually brought up a good point! I deleted my original post after a quick review, but since you responded to it anyway I'll offer a reply; I was actually using the US's definition of fair use, as posted on Howeeever, I remembered quickly after ...View More
Acry Weaver
Bringing this back up because I’ve had to make two reports today and it hurt my soul :(