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Misty Nights (PR)
by on June 26, 2019
Hello hello, Canterlot Avenue! I’m here to tell you that our Public Relations team is bringing you another team event! This time, the theme will be Summer! Starting on July 1st, we’ll have participating users partake in various weekly events picked out by our PR department. We would like to go over a few things regarding the event as well as how the teams will be created and function within the text below.
The two teams of this event have been dubbed Summer Days and Summer Nights, each represented by Sunshine Serenade and myself; Misty Nights. Much like our Nightmare Night event, there will be multiple sections under our forums designated for our respective teams. However, unlike last year’s Nightmare Night event, there will be no amount of competition involved. This time around, we would like to simply enjoy the summer together and have fun!
There will be two badges that will be handed out once the event comes to a close, one for each respective team. The requirements for the badges are as follows;
- All CA rules and regulations must be followed during your participation in this event
- You must participate in ALL of the weekly activities
Team selection will be random and divided evenly among participating users. However, any subscribers that wish to be apart of the event will be able to pick which team they’d like to be apart of.
Weekly activities:
Week 1
July 1st-6th
There will be two roleplay prompts, one for each team, that we want our participants to respond to. The themes for these prompts include a pool party scene for Summer Days, and a bonfire scene for Summer Nights. We will be encouraging everyone to participate and reply to each other, regardless if you are participating in the event or not! Merit towards the badge will ONLY be awarded to those that participate at least once on their assigned team’s prompt, even if they're responding to another user (as long as it is roleplay).
Week 2
July 7th-13th
The second week will involve your miraculous photography skills! Channel your inner passion for taking snapshots, and upload a photo of your summer experience! You’ll be uploading a photo of your day, or your night, depending on your team. Give us a short description for your photo to let us know what it means to you and how you think it relates to your very own summer experience. Sticking to your team’s theme, whether it be day or night is heavily encouraged. However, if need be, you may upload a photo of the opposite theme. We understand it may be challenging to obtain summer night photos as opposed to day. Remember to keep it in your team’s forum, though!
Week 3
July 14th-20th
Do you have a favorite summer treat, and a recipe for it? Now’s your chance to post it! This activity is the same for both of our teams, so there’s no differentiation to be made. If you’d like, you can also share a picture of your summer snack with your recipe! Whether it’s a popsicle, drink, or a fruity delight, everything is welcome. Maybe you have a favorite treat but no recipe for it? No problem, just give us a short description of your pick and let us know why you like to enjoy it during the summer time.
Week 4
July 21st-27th
In our last week, we would like you to show us your summer jams. Create your very own playlist of music you like to listen to during the summer. Summer Days will be posting road trip themed playlists and Summer Nights will be posting campfire themed playlists. If posting a playlist isn’t your thing, a list of songs with their corresponding artists will suffice. Posted playlists as well as regular lists must have at least three different songs in order to earn the badge.
If you wish to sign up and participate in this event, comment below on this blog, letting us know that you want to!
Sign ups will be officially closed on June 29th at 11:59 PM EST.
All comments regarding signing up for this event after the deadline above will be ignored. Team listings will be posted within the day after entries are closed.
All of the weekly events will be held in the forums. Merit towards the badge will be based only on the forum and the posts within.
***If you decide to participate with multiple characters to receive the badge on each character, or just for fun, duplicate posts will not be counted towards the badge on that character.***
DISCLAIMER: The Week 1 activity is the ONLY activity that users that have not signed up for the event may participate in and comment on. If you are a user that has not signed up and attempts to participate in the other weekly events, your post will be removed.
It’s time for Canterlot Avenue’s Summer Celebration!
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