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Chiller Sway
by on July 20, 2019
"Greetings, Twilight! Lemon Breeze herewith a letter from my journey with Chiller Sway. You know my husband, the brown one with the green eyes. Well the two of us have been traveling east for a couple of days now. Trains sure are a wonder of the world, they've taken us all the way from Ponyville to Griffon station. It sure was quite a trip to get around the ocean, and the griffons are weird folk. I can't even call them ponies!" The yellow mare giggles to herself. What a strange world it is over here!
"My husband seems kind of familiar with these lion birds. He understands how to talk with them -- kinda -- and he's gotten us a room to stay in for tonight and tomorrow as we try and do the thing here. Sway's already reminded me, but I forgot it again! I'll ask him when he comes back with the food. Oh, oh! And there's this delightfully helpful griffon named Gabriella. Gabby for short. Such a nice griffon... She takes care of all the mailing business here in Griffonstone, and she even goes to Equestria to get her packages delivered just like Ditzy does back at home. They're both grey too! So she'll be the one bringing this letter to you while we stay awhile."
"And anyway, my husband's magic has been really useful recently, and I'm really proud of him for being more confident with showing others just what he can do when he gets the chance to help. I love him for that, but I think the magic is starting to make him change. He feels... more distant than he used to be. He's going back to that old way, when wanted to hide from me instead of 'scaring me'. He's trying to be a good husband, a good stallion too, but I think he wishes he didn't have so much power. It really hurts me to see him so distressed." At this the mare has to take a sigh and glance out a window nearby. It took over a year to break her stallion's silence when they first started getting together. And after being married to him for so long, she'll stick to him no matter what, but it'll be hard to crack his shell again. She just wants her husband to be as happy as she is when she sees him, asking about his day. "He wants to hide the truth to protect me," she continues writing "like last time about the Wizard Lord. I'm doing everything I can to help him not be afraid. A strong mare can take care of her husband even if he isn't feeling at his best, that's when they need us the most. And I hope you all can help too when we return, but it won't be for awhile. All the same, I'd love to see you all again very soon."
-- To the Best Friends in Equestria
------- Lemon Breeze