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Nar Kazunah
by on July 10, 2019
The room smelled of cheap butterscotch candies, and disinfecting wipes. Sitting across from Nar was his counselor. The two were in the middle of an exercise. "Alright Nar. We're going to try something a little different. I'm going to play some tapes for you, and i want you to act exactly as you would if these events were happening in person." The counselor takes a video tape from his desk and inserts it into a video player. A few moments later a video begins to play.
At first the video is an explanation of what's going to happen during the video. This is followed by some clips of various situations all filmed in a first person view. First it's a group of three ponies all talking in a low whisper with their backs turned to the camera. 'How boring. When are you actually going to do something fun? This 'getting help' stuff is bland.' Nar focuses on the videos rather than his freeloading "roommate." There's about 3 more clips, but nothing really happens until the last clip.
In front of the camera is a pony who looks suspiciously like his cousin. She's going on about an upcoming event, and how fun it's going to be. "Funny. You never invite me to go anywhere with you guys anymore." Nar huffs. As if on cue the mare speaks. "Oh. Uh... Yeah... You're not invited. It would be uh.... Awkward with you there." Nar's counselor quickly, but quietly runs over to the door and flips off the room lights. There's a faint, but noticeable glow around Nar's head. The counselor quickly grabs a camera and takes a picture causing Nar's attention to snap to him. "Hey! What was that for?!" The counselor is silent for a moment, watching the glow around Nar's head steadily increase. "Sorry Nar. Please, continue watching the tape." 'He's deceiving you. He's going to reveal that picture to everyone. Your "well kept secret" will be leaked.' Nar smacks the side of his head a few times and tries to focus on the tapes. It's not all that easy to do at the moment. 'If you don't stop him, you'll lose everything. They'll lock you away in an asylum for the rest of your miserable life. ' The longer he tries to concentrate, the more the room is lit. The counselor watches in awe, snapping photos here and there without any reactions from Nar. 'You have to stop him, or you'll never see your friends again.'
Nar's counselor slowly lowers his camera for a moment. "Nar? Is everything-" He's interrupted by Nar who stands up, and turns to shout at him. "WOULD YOU SHUT UP?! I'M TRYING TO FOCUS, AND YOU'RE NOT HELPING!" The counselor places his camera on his desk, and speaks in a calm voice. "It's okay Nar. I think our exercise is done. Let's move on to something else." The counselor turns off his T.V , and ejects the tape. After putting everything away the two go through a few breathing exercises to calm Nar down before they continue the rest of the session.