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Commander Wyatt Ryder
by on August 14, 2019
So... Storytime.... Part 4, blog post version. Forgot to upload the other day. Oops.
Right, so... Another instance where for all intents and purposes, literally... I should be fucking dead, and the world must suffer my continued existence.
On ops again. We'd been doing some recon, and I was hit by some debris. Not that bad, aye? Went down, concussion, some bangs and bruises, thankfully not really worse for wear. I was just unconscious, lazy cunt that I am.
So, I'm laying on a stretcher in a hospital run by our lads in the area, oblivious to the events that were about to transpire at first. We're not always perfect. There are sometimes structural weaknesses we don't see, notice or take into account. It happens. But sometimes... It can be fatal. This building wasn't very structurally sound, but it was the best we had at the time for a makeshift hospital/barracks etc.
So, I got told later they collared two guys for this. Two of the enemy, I mean. These two lads spotted a vent into the building while looking around the outskirts away from our sentries. So, they took their rpg, shoved it down the vent and fired into the building. This missile went through a room, through a wall, through another wall into the corridor where I was laying, waking my lazy arse up, and then through another wall and into the officer's quarters. Right in the centre of the room.
Didn't. Fucking. Explode.
We all evacuated obviously and called EOD&S to come get the missile just in case. If that thing had gone off, the building would have collapsed and likely killed us all. Luckily, it was a shitty Chinese mass produced rocket that was famous for malfunctioning.