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Prince Artemis
by on August 3, 2019
"Dammit, Dammit, Dammit! Why this?! Why did it have to end this way! Why have we gotten to this point! What mistakes have we made to have these things plays out as they have?! Me, the Second in Command, having to write in the Prince's Journal as he's being treated for major injuries! I'm forced to do nothing, but sit here and wait! Me! Miss Velvet Sweets, couldn't keep her Prince safe! did I fail...."
*3 hours ago...*
Levi: "Artemis!"
Chloe: "Sire!"
Velvet: "Master!"
Solars 1 and 2: "Your Majesty!"
Velvet: "You take that hoof off his head right now or so help me I'll...."
Torment: "You'll do what exactly?....Try to kill me? Try to end me here and now? Could you do that before I squish his head in like a cantaloupe? Hmm...I highly doubt it. Besides...look're surrounded anyways~"
Velvet: "Y-You...these...all these guards...they.....they are the missing guards from the Castle. W-What did you do to them!"
Levi: "He's clearly brainwashed them! Making them nothing, but pawns in his sick games!"
Torment: "Brainwash? No, no, no I've present a better light to them. A new leader, a new....master to follow. One that guaranties their safety. Unlike your Prince, who seems to have gotten you girls into quite the situation. What a terrible Prince he is. Always putting the ones he cares about the most in danger....Couldn't save Nightmare. And now? Can't even save his little Lunars."
Artemis: "I-I'll...*Gah..* I'll end you....I'll w-watch the very last bits a breath leave your body. I'll stand on top of your corpse....and I'll parade it around the city...and hang it on my wall as a trophy....*Gahhhh!*
Torment: "Why did it have to be like this Artemis. Why must you make this difficult?...I was going to make your death peaceful. You wouldn't have felt a thing. I was showing respect and kindness. For you and your Brother. Now though....I find out that you are following a map and wanting to acquire that cursed bow? All to stop me? Now I gotta retrieve it myself and face my team in telling them that they were right to worry and that I was wrong to not worry? Do you know what that's gonna do to my credibility? How could I face them now. make me....sad...." *Pressure*
Artemis: "Gahhhhh!!!!"
Velvet: "You leave him alone!!! Ahhhh!!..Uhhh....."
Torment: "Now....look what you made me do? Now she'll be asleep for a while. Giving my servant no choice but to knock her out. A poor Prince you are. Can't even get up from under my hoof. Could it be because.....your dark magic is falling? Mmm...that panicked look on your face. Seems I took more then just Nightmare didn't I? Your magic is growing weaker as the days go on. And yet, mine are only getting stronger. Tell me...can you even produce dark magic anymore? Hmm...well maybe only a little. I wanna pity've gone behind my back to try and get rid of me. Such a thing should be punished. Question is.....should I just kill you now...or wait it out...? Well...killing you know would be very...boring. Nopony around to see your defeat except for a few....So....I think I'll just go get that bow. And leave you with a warning. Don't....Stop...Me... Oh also I'm breaking a wing. *Stomp!*
Artemis: "Ahhh!!!!"
Torment: "Hmmm...maybe two..*Stomp*
Artemis: "Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!......"
Torment: "Well great....he passed out. How am I suppose to give a goodbye if he isn't awake. Well Whatever....come on girls. Oh and as for you girls that decided to help him? Go back to the Castle. If you back down now? I'll prove that I can be a better leader to follow. However...try to stop me? You'll die. Ta-Ta~"
*Present time*
"He disappeared with the map after that. The Bastard! From what I was told, I was out for a good half hour....and when see Artemis...I....I just couldn't.....why? Why him? Why did I fail him? .....We seemed to have a spot of luck on our side though. We had passed a village early that could be of help. A Zebra village. Rare to see so far up north. I took him to the village, where I am currently now writing, as Levi and Chloe went to chance after Torment. Seems they didn't accept his deal. Nor did the Solars that went with them. I won't be accepting it anytime soon either! My Lunars, My friends, and now My Prince? All subjected to his sick games! He'll pay. We'll all watch him burn. But....for now. I gotta hope that whatever the zebras are doing? It'll help fix My Prince's wings. I don't know their ways...but I gotta hope. Because with the kingdom close and Torment on the trail? It's a race against the clock...."