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Trixie Lulamoon
by on August 11, 2019
I, personally, don't have the greatest feeling, concerning Gen 5. Like.. I don't have anything wrong with rebooting or whatever, just... There's too many things that just raise red flags for me. I don't really want it to flop either, but considering the state of the entertainment industry, My faith in them isn't the highest...
I'll be giving it a chance myself. ONE chance. If what I'm hearing about Gen 5 being more teen oriented is true, they have a great oppourtunity to explore some really awesome plotlines.
(WARNING: This is pretty much devolving into a rant. If you'd not like to read a rant over something that is more than likely 100% pointless to rant over, or think i'll express a view reguarding this subject that you'll heavily disagree with, feel free to just scroll on by, I won't stop you. Not looking to start an argument, just wanna get my thoughts out so they don't just fester.)
Also, reguarding plotlines, I do really hope they go original and not try to pull a Disney. That'd... kinda kill it for me. (For reference, When I say pulling a Disney, I mean making a completely pointless remake of something that people already love, but change some things that don't respect their original story. This would be like them completely changing the main characters in terms of pony type and such, and changing the entire history of any of them, just for the sake of doing so. Why is that bad? A few reasons. NOTE: THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE, THIS IS BY NO MEANs OFFICIAL KNOWLEDGE (from my end at least!). Let's say they were to take... say, Applejack, and completely scrap her entire history as a farmpony. Having a farmpony main character would appeal to people who do the same work, and would draw said people to that character. Now, say they change her to be a city slicker. Now, where are those people originally drawn to Applejack supposed to draw to? If no outlet is given that makes a good impression, you anger or disappoint that group. I feel waht made the characters of Gen 4 so loveable is that, at least some of them, were very relateable.
To pile upon that, And to my understanding, they're doing a universe reset or something. That's all fine and dandy, but if they're gonna so drastically change the characters, why not just use someone original? This is becoming a common theme in the entertainment industry, and it's be a shame to see MLP affected by that trend. There's no reason to actually take this oppourtunity to officially retire these characters, and bring entirely new faces and names to the forefront, which, in turn, will further open up possibilities to new plotlines.)
all that... wall of text out of the way, Let me reiterate, I have nothing wrong with them moving to Gen 5. I'm 100% for it. Gen 4 was getting overextended, and quite frankly disorganized. I just don't want to actually watch them make the same mistakes that the majority of the industry is making, which would more than likely lead to their unfortunate downfall.
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At least they didnt try live action like disney did.
Trixie Lulamoon
Very true. I doubt that'd even look very good.
Maybe if they did that hyperealistic cgi. Like example: Here it presents a better looking, more accurate protrayal, while at the same time, maintaining that it is a cartoon, and yet somehow making it look like we could actually see this irl
Teddy Bear
I still don't really like the look of this, very uncanny valley.. I think people need to stop (Disney...) thinking realistic = better
I understand, i am just saying that if they were to do a realistic approach, that is how it should be done. Most of the time 2d animation is far better, and does things 3d animation just cant do. But i personally think this picture looks really good, and i wouldnt mind it if they were to do it that...View More
Trixie Lulamoon
Personally, as far as art style goes, I actually prefer the style they had going in the movie. Everything felt further accentuated and expressive compared to usual. Really made things pop, and gave a lot more ambience. And ambience is HUGE for me. 3D is okay, but if they gotta do it 3D I have to ag...View More