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Prince Artemis
by on August 11, 2019
"Hahaha...haha...hahaha....This has to be weird. Writing down the action of me laughing. But....How couldn't I! Finally! He took some damage! It was true! It was all true! The Bow! It was there! We got it! And we took it from Torment!...Oh my heavens...I can barely process all this. I gotta take some breathes and catch this journal up with what happened."
"The Zebras have done a fine job on fixing my wings. They are wrapped and set into a sling. Both of them. Meaning, I won't be able to fly for a few. Course, the healing process will be shorter thanks to their ancient ways of healing. Quite amazing actually. Maybe I should hire a Zebra for the Castle. Back on track though, I was pissed. Like...I just...all the emotions of what's happened these past few months. Losing Nightmares, losing some of my Lunars, having my loved ones threatened. I was at my wits end. I had no choice, but to go after him. He wanted to play games? Well I was gonna beat him at his own game."
*8 hours ago*
Velvet: "Master you can't go after him! You need to stay and rest! The girls will be fine! They already have a head start towards the kingdom where the bow is!"
Prince Artemis: "I'm going Velvet! He isn't going to take away our chances of killing him. He numbered his days. And we will get that bow!"
Velvet wasn't wanting me to go. It was understandable that her emotions would feel so strongly to keep me alive. And believe me, I wasn't asking for a death wish. But what choice did I have? So we took off. Me and her. We had a bit of a disadvantage being unable to fly, due to my wings not being able to. However, the Kingdom wasn't far. I remembered seeing it on the map before it was taken. We had the route, we just needed to follow and hope to the gods that Levi and Chloe were still alive and safe.
The trip was long and dull on my body. But the adrenaline to get there and win was too powerful for me to stop. It felt like it was no time at all that we got there. And what a sight it was. A frozen valley. Being occupied by the ruins of a kingdom. No doubt just look at it gave off the hint of history. Everything was frozen over and run down. Ancient stone seemed to rest on the housings and the streets. What treasures could that place have held? Maybe once I'm free of this Torment, I shall return back and scavenge for Artifacts. Add to the collection. I'm getting side tracked again though. Which you can't blame me. I almost felt side tracked being there. But I knew I couldn't stay sidetracked. I had to continue. I needed to find Torment and retrieve the bow. Luckily Torment seemed to forget one thing once he got there. Maybe he too was distracted by the kingdom. He forgot to cover his dark magic. I could sense it in the air. And it's that dark magic trail that I'd follow right to Torment.
*4 hours ago*
Torment: "Agh!.....This cursed bow! Fuck! Can't even touch the damn thing for a second!"
Levi: "Maybe try touching it again. Third times the charm~"
Torment: "I suggest you remain quiet before I rip out your tongue. Just sit there and accept the fact that your sneak attack failed. At least the ropes aren't too tight. I'm not a monster as much as ponies may won't too assume. Aggh!!! Dammit! Lucy! Have you come up with a solution in getting this Bow out of this ice! The bottom is still frozen!"
Lucy: "I'm working as fast as I can, My lord. This heat spell isn't meant for speed."
Chloe: "Can't believe this has happened to you Lucy...A gifted unicorn like yourself. One of the first unicorns to even become a Lunar. Artemis has given you so much. And you do this! Being Brainwashed, but not having the strength to break from it! C'mon Lucy! Fight it!"
Lucy: "I serve Torment now. He knows what's best. He is what we all need. We all need him and he needs us."
Chloe: "That's bullshit if I've ever heard it! You're Lucy Vale! Lunar of Magics! And you can't break free from a simple Brainwashing spell!"
Artemis: "It's not just a brainwashing spell.
Levi and Chloe: "Artemis!!!"
Artemis: "She was a victim of the experiments. Small doses of Nightmare blood run through her veins. Normally it's not hard to fight against the Nightmare blood, but...when you are broken down as much as the Council had broke her down?'s very easy for her to give in. She isn't even present. It's the Nightmare blood talking. Talking for her. Same for Molly. She is no doubt in his personal Army as well. A dangerous choice for the Council to have experiment on as well. Seeing as how Molly is known for her undercover work. She knows how to act and play a role. That type of mare is dangerous and is the reason she is also one of my finest Lunars. Don't worry though, girls. I can promise you this. You will be free, once I kill Torment...."
Torment: "*growl* You just don't know when to give up do you? You wanna die here and now it seems. Fine by me. Lucy! Keep at it with the heat spell. Once that thing is free, take it and return it to the others!"
Lucy: "Yes sir!"
Torment: "Alright, Prince of the Night. Let's see how long you can last. Maybe I'll make this easy and rip off your horn right before stabbing you with it!!"
The situation at the time seemed suicide, but I knew what I was doing. We had prepared for the possibility of Torment showing up to steal the bow. We didn't expect the ambush, but we knew that if he were to show up? It would be where the bow was at. And it was already taking it's effect. He went to use his dark magic on me. Wanting to end the battle quickly. However....he didn't. Or more so....he couldn't. I'll never forget the look on his face. The face of pure confusion and worry. Oh it's amazing to think about now. That's when I explained it to him. Explained that the bow was draining the room of all dark magic, which also included me. A look of worry grow on him from my angle. He was possibly beating himself up about overlooking this fact. Now it was just him and me hoof to hoof. He was still dangerous. As his fighting skills could be well calculated. However, if there was one thing I knew during a hoof to hoof fight? It was speed.
He would try and go for a strike, using his wings to try and block my exits of dodging. It was well thought out by him because I couldn't use my wings. No doubt them being broken was a target. However the plan wasn't to beat Torment in a fight. It was to distract him. Had he really forgot that I still had one more Lunar? Him not having his magic must have really staggered him. Making him think irrationally. As of that moment, Velvet was already done untying the girls and they had knocked out Lucy. And from there? It was checkmate.
Levi: "Glad to see you up and well, Velvet~ Now...we gotta hurry. I don't know how long Artemis can hold off Torment. We gotta get this bow and help!"
Chloe: "Keep your face down....Also the bottom is still covered in ice. It gonna take a lot of power to break thi...."
Velvet: "Kyahhhh!!!!!!!"
Chloe: "Okay.....maybe a punch from Velvet was the solution..."
Velvet: "I'm very....pissed. Can we try and aim for his neck...."
Levi: "Hehehe~ One gorgeous neck shot~ Coming right up..Ahhh!!!"
Torment: "Aghhhhhh!!!!!!!!"
Levi at the time seemed to not realize the power that bow had. It's strings were pure magic. Not just anypony could touch them and pull them back. Leave it to my assassin to still pull off a nice shot after touching the bow. At least she could hold the base of it fine. I wouldn't be able to even hold it in general. She's lucky she didn't hold the strings for too long. Still though, it was a beautiful shot to Torment leg. Hearing him cry in agony was actually quite soothing and a relief. Seems I still got some Nightmare in me for finding it soothing. Bastard deserved it though. He seemed to grab for his leg, on his back hooves. He looked around at the situation he was in. He must have realized that he was surrounded. His only other guard being knocked out. Maybe he would've won if he thought to keep his other guards from the ambush with him. Arrogance. Not a word was said as he stood. His eyes seemed to show ill intent though. A cold silence was shown as he made his final move. He squeezed a necklace that was around him and retreated into a portal. I tried to follow! closed up quickly. Must have died out due to the bow draining all dark magic around the area.
We left shortly after, taking Lucy with us. She wasn't suppose to be in this. She needed help. We should bring her back to the Castle. She needs all the help she can get. If we're lucky? The shot to Torment broke her free from the brainwashing. We could only hope. Once we returned to the Zebra village (The one place where I'm writing this from) we had the Wizard apprentice teleport the bow to the Castle. We did it. A sloppy success, but a success nonetheless. And I learned a valuable lesson today. Torment can be stopped~