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Talon Brush · PR Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer and PR

Male. Lives in Maple Ridge,  Vanhoover,  Equestria. Born on March 4, 1993
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Talon Brush
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thats from the before times
Talon Brush
Tala Fluffytoes
Talon Brush
I just posted more art guys comon lol
Tala Fluffytoes
yes but this is the first time I saw your work and I think it's cute
Talon Brush
aw thanks
Minsa Rousain
Same and I agree!!!
Talon Brush
My full body OC
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Astral Empyrean
Sting the Changling God.
Talon Brush
Ironic how things have been looking up for me despite the crisis first i got my stim check 2 i now have a paid graphic design internship where i can work from home which i needed for a long time and 3...View More
Maizzey Starr
there's a LOT of news like this and i see a lot of passing articles talking about how "insert percentage" of "insert job" prefer work from home or feel more efficient at home, etc ... introverts unite ??
Talon Brush
lol i mean for me personally working from home or at location is relative i mean that I am happy I have this job because its something i needed for a long time to start my career in graphic design also im an ambivert in other words i fit within the middle ground of intro and extro i dont mind going ...View More
Talon Brush
I have a friend that just started game streaming on mixer check him out hes playing cod mobile right now
Talon Brush
Couldn't find a solid answer to this but is doing graphic design or art for your parents when they ask you to do one for them as a client a good idea?
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Minsa Rousain
|| I think that it is okay to do some, but be sure to set your boundaries. Family doesn't always get easy passes.
Talon Brush
For sure and i am living with my mum still lol but yes i know what you mean that she wanted to watch me search up vectors and watch me work literally i dont need someone breathing over my should while i work.
Chiller Sway
"As a client" I laugh I wager so long as they pay upfront, they did their part.
If you say as a client then money should be in order. In that case, you treat them as anyone who would commission work.
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