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Talon Brush · PR Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer and PR

Male. Lives in Maple Ridge,  Vanhoover,  Equestria. Born on March 4, 1993
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Talon Brush
*New company policy demands I wear this heat and grow a red mustache from now on to help market the new path of this site*
It looks good on you though.
Flam agrees. Mainly because he likes red mustaches anyways
Talon Brush
Hope your all enjoying the acquisition of the site by flim and flam I know I am!
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Of course! With our two brands united, we will make this site bigger than apple!
Talon Brush
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Chiller Sway
I mean if you don't dig exclusives, fair game. I just wonder why not make your laptop the streaming machine. It'd certainly be cheaper (and more user friendly) than buying the Roku stick to instead run a single HDMI and maybe a wireless mouse
I agree on this matter. Your pc can be used as the streaming source itself but if you want the bigger screen then yeah get the stick. Granted if you have the right cables and stuff you could use a tv as a monitor for your laptop when you wanna watch any streaming source on a bigger screen.
Talon Brush
I have a 23 inch monitor hooked up to my lap top and 45-50 inch tv as well that is hooked up to my PS4 so i do have a bigger screen and stick comes with HD, HDR, and 4k support and as for PS4 exclusives im not too hellbent on those really
Talon Brush
Besides it will be a while before i get a ps5 due to the fact that the current library of games is small and i would rather wait until the slim version is out because the current console is so damn big and i would only buy PS exclusives only. But yea right now i do have a big tv screen that would be...View More
Chiller Sway
USB 3.0 to HDMI exists if you're otherwise out of ports. But I suppose once you start getting into that territory, for some people it can seem like overengineering a solution. I love it though. If simplicity is what you're after, I guess a stick does the job.
Ruby Sapphire
Why not? If you no longer have a use for it and can play all your games elsewhere. Go ahead
Talon Brush
Art Submissions are now closed.
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Bright Brave
Curse us and splash us my precious.
Talon Brush
Submissions for the writing contest are now closed and the stories will be read and reviewed.
Antique FourHooves
How many entries are there?
Spirit Weaver
Oh fuck I forgot to be literate this week I had a stupid idea
Talon Brush
Golden Pumpkin Experience !!!
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Talon Brush
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