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Talon Brush · PR Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer and PR

Male. Lives in Maple Ridge,  Vanhoover,  Equestria. Born on March 4, 1993
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Talon Brush
Art Submissions are now closed.
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Bright Brave
Curse us and splash us my precious.
Talon Brush
Submissions for the writing contest are now closed and the stories will be read and reviewed.
Antique FourHooves
How many entries are there?
Spirit Weaver
Oh fuck I forgot to be literate this week I had a stupid idea
Talon Brush
Golden Pumpkin Experience !!!
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Talon Brush Submissions are now open please go to the event page here and RSVP to let us know your participating make sure to re...View More
Talon Brush For those participating in the event please re-read the rules and description as to how to submit your stories and ar...View More
Talon Brush For those participating in the writing portion of this event please click the link and r...View More
Talon Brush
Talon Brush
Hey all this year's Nightmare Night event page is up and running if you wish to participate please click the link provided in this post. More
Talon Brush
Big announcement tomorrow morning and posted in events (surprising how ever since this site went up no one posted on the events page lol)
Talon Brush
Hello all been a while keep your eyes open for a special event announcement soon ~ ;3
Aw yeeeaaah
Commander Wyatt Ryder
The announcement: CA’s official theme song has been decided as being Gay Bar by Electric Six
Talon Brush
ah a wonderful classic XD
Commander Wyatt Ryder
Indeed xD
Talon Brush
another good one from those times is this beauty
Commander Wyatt Ryder
CA theme song confirmed
Carmine Gumshoe
is it me, am i the announcement
Talon Brush
its a secret hehe
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