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Talon Brush · PR Graphic Designer

Male. Lives in  Mount Aris,  Equestria. Born on March 4, 1993
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Talon Brush
I wish I had an iPad so I could follow along with bob ross tutorials and feel good and get some art therapy
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i have a ipad
Talon Brush
gimmie lol
No *baps with newspaper*
Talon Brush
Returned from Oregon earlier this week and decided to make this while it was fresh.
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Ice Wisp
Is that the moon?
Talon Brush
yup I was on the airplane to oregon when i saw this view i was above the clouds there was nothing but void black the only things lighting up the night were the moon and the stars.
Prince Artemis
"No thanks are needed for such a masterpiece. But I'll accept it~" xD Very beautiful image captured. That's the type of thing you frame and hang in a fancy office.
Talon Brush
I been feeling real shitty like im walking on the tight rope on the edge of depression lately feeling frustrated and rejected and im trying real hard not to fall of that edge cause if i do idk if i ca...View More
Commander Wyatt Ryder
You can, but you need to try and not fall off of that edge in the first place mate.
Talon Brush
well like i said trying real hard not to and it does no help when i go to my folks for help and they either tell me its nothing to worry about or give me the same round about lecture of getting a job or short term remedies :/
Commander Wyatt Ryder
All I can say is hang in there, things really will get better. Try to focus on yourself, and how to be yourself properly, fuck what other people think. Focus on what makes you happy, no matter what other people think.
Talon Brush
Yea i did that today and met with my therapist and told her about the collective crap that's been building up to this and it helped a bit more than what my parents can do either they brush it off say its nothing to worry about or give me the roundabout lectures :/ and i gotta take steps to get off t...View More
Commander Wyatt Ryder
Sounds good! Do more of what you enjoy, get yourself better before you try to get a job or any of that. I'm sorry but your parents clearly don't understand, because mental health can seriously affect you getting any sort of job. Getting yourself better needs to be top priority.
Talon Brush
i agree i rather feel good legit rather than trying to act that way cause when i mention this my mum is like well sweetie you still need to work to earn money regardless i rather not force my self to work when im feeling like this.
Astral Empyrean
I won't claim to know what you are going through or compare life events. That never helps anyone in the end. We all experience things differently and handle them differently. But if you need a person to talk or vent to. I'm a PM on Discord away. Just know that what ever funk you end up in. No one is...View More
Talon Brush
Thanks means alot
Talon Brush
good news everyone!!!! see what i did there i will be going to oregon to visit my cousin something like this will help very much
Commander Wyatt Ryder
Yay! Close family can usually help!
Astral Empyrean
That's great news! Sometimes family and time with loved ones is the best kind of medicine. I personally can't wait to take leave from the Navy and see my family this Christmas.
I am glad something positive is happening to help you through this. Just in case, you can also message me if you'd like someone to talk to. I imagine you already have people to talk to but I can be another. ^^
Talon Brush
Talon Brush
I been wathcing the series since the start almost a decade and i dont regret it the show put me on a strange path and through some twists and turns in my life but i enjoyd it but most of all its messa...View More
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