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Kadai Montanya · Royal Guard

Male. Lives in North Bay,  Equestria. Born on December 5, 1994
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Silver Bullet
“You know what I find weird, most of these guards I see rolling around dont even protect doors. Was it meant to be an easy way to make money? I can stand by doors too...” “And the ones that don’t sta...View More
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Rainfall Montanya
"Pst, before the Winter ends ... I was thinking ... we should challenge others to a snowball fight." Casually suggested Rain with a smirk, "We've got enough experience, they'd all have a run for thei...View More
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Kadai Montanya
"Do you not remember what happened after the last snowball fight of ours?" Kadai asks with a smirk before shrugging. "Perhaps, though. If you are so sure of your own expertise."
Rainfall Montanya
Rainfall puffed out his cheeks. It's true, it didn't /quite/ go in her favor. She pokes him in the chest and says, "Look, it's not MY fault I married a smart cookie ... Well, I guess it is, b-but the point is this is exactly why I want you on MY team! We both have our way to win. Combined? Completel...View More
Maxh Vezpyre
He stole the two, no snowfight only vacations at the spa.
Silver Bullet
“Maple syrup tequila anyone?”
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Kadai Montanya
Maxh Vezpyre
Maxh appears, and lays down next to Kadai, it's time.
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Kadai Montanya
Kadai raises a brow inquisitively.
Maxh Vezpyre
And he gave him, the beef jerky, and one small bottle of mead, this should do nicely.
Princess Corona Lionheart the IV
Ironkroug definitely sucks at Phasmophobia. He died so many times, lol Kadai Montanya can confirm
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Kadai Montanya
Kadai gives you one (1) boop.
Silver Bullet
Silver gives you a black eye
The sound of hoof on beak was heard. Click.
Copperhead can allow ONE boop, just don't go in for seconds.
Raven Sorrel
I don't know, looks like more than once to me.
Ghost would also Give Kadai's nose a pinch
Dracofire just looked at kadai
Maxh Vezpyre
Kadai did the boop? also how dares, he stole him away.
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