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Stardusk Strider · Administrator

I was ready all along.

Male. Lives in In some box,  Equestria. 27 years old
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Nitroxus Soulspins
*Nitroxus rode on a magical playing piano and it flew itself to the pony. He smiled once he was near the pony and climbed off the piano. He then passed them a large gift.* Happy Birthday!
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Stardusk Strider
Thank you! You too!!!
Nitroxus Soulspins
Yay and glad to hear that. So, are you going to open your gift?
Stardusk Strider
What gift?
Nitroxus Soulspins
*Pointed to the gift that was on the piano.* This one.
Stardusk Strider
Huh... *He walks over to grab it, before swinging it back over to Nitro* so, are you going to open your gift?
Nitroxus Soulspins
*Nitroxus would hold his gift.* This is really new.
Stardusk Strider
Stardusk had a sign on his house for which read "keep out; is ill." Inside, he had a potion made where it released all sorts of steam to make his house into a psuedo-sauna. He read that it would help...View More
Woof wants everyone to have a great day please. ♡♡ Especially professional snugglers Silver Shield Chow Chow Ghostbit Stardusk Strider and a few others who aren't on my friends list. (yet >:3)
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Stardusk Strider
It was time to make the hardest decision he had to make ever: Star sold his house, and the memories with it. The paler-by-the-day stallion just stared as he had some tears well in his eyes. "We has ...View More
Stardusk Strider
The stallion wasn't sitting anywhere inconspicuous this time. He was out in the open, at the park, like any other pony. At this rate, he didn't care who would find him or who would raise alarm about h...View More
Stardusk Strider
The great ball of fire that rises each morning would envelop the stallion with its warm glow, washing over the hill he sits on. There has currently been ten assassination attempts placed on him, but...View More
The ghostling would stare at him confused about what Stardusk was doing whilst he was busy looking for the ice-cream shop. He'd also would try questioning why his long knife sword thighy was red but felt like He'd get shaved bald so he didn't ask.
polo fastter
"sorry about that, still not use to the fusion me are darker did" Polo said
Stardusk Strider
Current assassination attempts: 5 The stallion seems to struggle to find opportunity to get some shut eye. Interestingly enough, he has become a literal night owl, so as to avoid the clan coming out ...View More
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