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Stardusk Strider · Administrator

I was ready all along.

Male. Lives in In some box,  Equestria. 27 years old
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What if in MLP Canon, Stardusk Strider had an entire army of golden mechanical ponies at his beck and call? What would even try to bother him?
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Stardusk Strider
Stardusk plants a speaker device in Lenore's house, that would play back every annoying noise she made on repeat. And the speaker isn't removable. That'll teach her to be annoying with her noises!
Lenore only sat and marveled at her skills played back for her!
Stardusk Strider
Stardusk was doing some spying to see if indeed Lenore got tripped up in any kind of way, but instead she..enjoyed it? He began to grumble as he turned a knob on a tiny device that would crank up the abrasion!
Lenore winced, but was learning how to make abrasive playback sounds.
Stardusk Strider
This has backfired. Now Stardusk hopes to never have Lenore show him her new "sounds" ever again.
Stardusk Strider
An amazing commission done by Frost Bite the Guardian. Go commission her because she does, like, great art, and stuff
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that knife holster cuts my thight just by looking at it
Hey Awesome artwork man :)
Stardusk Strider
Hello everyone. I have a few words to say. Thank you.
Frost Bite the Guardian
You look like a leek :)
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Stardusk Strider
Oh yeah? Well, for your information, i leek the leak to leak the leek
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