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Canterlot Avenue Development
Most new friendships of 2020: --. Corona 1. Mina Marzipan 2. Nitroxus Soulspins 3. Minsa Rousain 4. Ghostbit 5. VidsThePrince
Lavender Dawn
look at you Mina. Adorable little social climber.
Mina May Marzipan
I like to watch the friends number go up
Sling Tyler
Yay, I'm still in the top 5! I'm happy for all the new friendships in 2020 and hope they last into the many upcoming years. Yay for 2021!
There would be something seriously wrong if you weren’t.
Sling Tyler
I don't mind. Sometimes, the best friends that you have are the ones that aren't in the limelight
Minsa Rousain
So many friends! It's hard not to make many on a site like this!
First time on here and i'm rising up in the leaderboard's :D
Yay :D
Pony with No Name
Make a dishonorable mentions so I can show up somewhere
Silver Bullet
Dude I didn’t even appear anywhere 😢
CA's biggest poster 2010