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Publish Date: December 22, 2022
Hi, howdy! This page is for myself (mostly!). It’s an information page for my character Trip Wire’s huge family that I can’t afford creating individual profiles for!
The purpose of this page is for me to have an accessible public space where I can upload, update, and share information about Trip Wire’s children, their backstories, names, personalities and maybe even art.
Maybe I’ll even make a few posts, write some lore or whatever—or maybe I’m just saying that because I want to do that, but I’ll most likely never get down to do it? Who knows! Stay and find out…!
I know it is a little bit cringe, but bear with me, we are both using an MLP site after all… So, throw the first stone he who is free from sin (or something like that, I’m Mexican and I’ve only ever heard that biblical passage in Spanish).