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Summer Day team members, reply to this thread with your favorite photo of your summer day!
Last update on July 6, 11:11 pm by Misty Nights (PR).
Lula Vieve
Yeah since this site is fucking broken (that will probably never be fixed), and won't allow me to post pictures... have links. :)
I got flowers/plants that I get to take care of. Their names (in order from left to right): Scarlet, Pearlie, Lionel, and Fred.
This is my cat, Baby. I'm always in my bed, and when she decided it's cuddle time aka my favorite time.
The clouds look like cotton candy.
Last update on July 7, 12:34 am by Lula Vieve.
Seir Genevieve
Summer Sunset all the way from Germany.
The Summer festival, it ended a week ago but it was super fun.
Fireworks at the festival’s end.
Can't input my pic here so here's a link instead
My doggos chilling with me through the summer on the couch as i occasionally give them doggie ice cream and affection. My primarily boring summer to laze the day away.
Just a nice day at the beach c:
My favorite thing about summer is the sunsets
Mama Chubs
My summer has been mainly drawing with some sky & flower photos thrown in the mix. So far so good.
Newport Beach, CA
Some summer soccer at LAFC
Fireworks in Newport Beach
I love to look at the sky because it looks absolutely pretty when it’s not raining. Not only that, but I love to sometimes sit outside for a while and just look at the clouds move and form various shapes. The sky is beautiful
My summer is whacky this year but I’m enjoying it as much as I can ❤️
Chiller Sway
Playing outside with my siblings can be fun... for the first 20 minutes. But anyway I bought them this RC boat that they both surprisingly understand how to play with despite the youngest of them being 2 I think. The other is 4 and they really have fun with it.
We take it to the city duck pond and go to the little stream at the end to keep away from choppy waters. Just have to keep the algae out of the propellers!
Cynbel Ferode
I’m a boring boy, so I just end up spend a lot of my summer gardening. No flowers, just food, and right now only my tomatoes are doing well enough to be photographed. Gonna be working a pretty big piece of my back yard soon so I can plant my turnip greens when fall hits. B)
Princess Unikitty
Got to visit my favorite state park today :3