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Summer Days team members reply to this thread with a playlist and/or a list of songs!
The theme for the music is a road trip.
Princess Unikitty
song nameartist

Please Help MeDemotus
I AmJorja Smith
SlowlyGiraffage, Matosic
From the InsideLinkin Park
I Can't StopFlux Pavilion
Cryin' Like a BitchGodsmack
Because You Loved MeCeline Dion
No MoreDisturbed
Solar Sky
As simple as it is. Usually when doing commissions I listen to Christina Grimmie.
I also got a Steven Universe playlist on Spotify
And Listen to a Tangled the Series on Spotify.
It's a mix.
But the Christina Grimmie one is my favorite.
Pinkie Pie (Werepony)
((I love this one! Yes, I know it's just one video, but there are a lot of cute boppy songs on it! If this doesn't count, I'll make one, I just genuinely love this for the summer, hehe~ ))
Trixie Lulamoon
So, just a note for my playlist..
When I think of a roadtrip, I imagine something more like Gumball Rally than a leisurely, average speed road trip. So, I tailored what i put in to match that.
If that's not how it's intended I can make a different one to reflect.
Cynbel Ferode
Have to drive a lot for work, this is the playlist I use for those decently long drives. Format is song - artist.
Why Not me - Forrest
Gooey - Glass Animals
The Other Side of Paradise - Glass Animals
Heavenly Star - Genki Rockets
Cake By The Ocean - DNCE
The Apprentice - Gorillaz
Borrowed Time - Frances
What You Know - Two Door Cinema Club
Mihka! X Kyoto Black - Kodokushi
Lost With You - Joakim Karud
Plastic Love - Mariya Takeuchi
Humility - Gorillaz
Hay Loft - Mother Mother
Strobelite - Gorillaz
Chiller Sway
I have a couple of tunes that I hold onto.
Discord -- The Living Tombstone remix
Discord -- the original by SuperEurobeat. This song has aged well on me.
Both PewDiePie diss tracks on T-Series
Ever heard of the Wasteland Wailers? Fantastic group of fan songmakers.
And the "Take me home, country roads" is pretty roadtrip themed.
Man this was a struggle. As I think you can tell I don't listen to alot of music, lol. Music's never been my thing, I like my brain to have its own thoughts and because of that I really dislike music repeating in my head. It's distracting.
It might not be a list but who needs that when there's a repeat button uwu
Some of the few songs i like to listen to while i’m on the road during the summer are:
Come Right Now by Planetshakers
Eterno Amor (Never Ending Love) by Hillsong
Dance by Planetshakers
Llevame al primer Amor by Oasis
Here's a short one cause it'd be too much to get an actual playlist and too much time typing out my idea of a normal long playlist. I have had them playing when i was coming back from a sweet 16 a couple weeks back.
Megalovania (undertale remix)-SharaX
Color Esparanza-Diego Torres
Con Los Anos Que Me Quedan-Gloria Estefan
Locked Out of Heaven-Bruno Mars
Bad Day-Daniel Powter