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hi and welcome, this is just a page for oni (admin of Gray Rivers Alto Yuri) and i (me) to bring some funky RP in a public space; in part to give this site some more activity, but also to show CA we’re more than glorified shitposters who can occasionally shit out a good post >:(
that being said: this is *exclusively* for us. at the risk of seeming like I’ve got the biggest ego around, attempts to join outside of spectating will be ignored. that’s not to say we won’t ask people to join, there may definitely be some room for a few extra folks who are more than welcome to join so long as they ask us! but this is more or less a story we just want to share. there may be a chance for some open RP posts, but those will be clearly labeled.
ALSO we’re doing this in anthro formatting. for this style of RP, fingers and stuff will be vastly easier to write with outside of nubby hooves, especially since the four-legged adaptations aren’t blessed with a horn and wing we can shoehorn into creating a makeshift hand.
that’s it, that’s all, that’s all there is.