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Thundy The Griffon
May 15, 2021
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Get ready for a crazy ride as you try to answer these questions about roller coasters!
The first roller casters were made of...
The first tubular steel coaster was...
Which coaster company designed Xccelerator at Knott's Berry Farm
How many coasters made by Giovanola are still standing today?
Who designed the first vertical loop coaster?
What was the first launch mechanism on a roller coaster?
Where is the coaster "Thunderhead" located?
Which coaster company is responsible for making their track "roar"?
How tall is Fury 325 at Carowinds?
A coaster that is taken up a lifthill backwards, travels through the station, through the layout, up a spike, then travels through the layout again backwards is typically called a...
Icy Creation
I guessed for everything, but I can't resist a new quiz.
Thundy The Griffon
Well you did pretty well. Want me to explain the ones you got wrong in PM? You'd learn some really cool facts.
Icy Creation
Sure, it could be interesting. Maybe I'll look them up afterwards too.
Ice Wisp
Thundy The Griffon
You did pretty well! Need an explanation on the ones you missed?
Ice Wisp
If you want, sure!
Buttercream Blend
I knew my expansive rollercoaster history would come in handy for something lol I didn't know everything though
Thundy The Griffon
Well you did very well! I gotta PM you about #4