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Afiq lanz

Male. Lives in Malaysia,Ampang,  Equestria. Born on September 2, 2000
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Afiq lanz
is there any military mare around here? kind of lonely....... *afiqlanz sits on his OTOMATIC tank*
 liked this.
*Dream looks over her shoulder and bats at afiwlanz. how's about a division agent??
Afiq lanz
O-O ummm... division agent?
Yes. An *Dream then strikes a pose, looking all cute and sparkly and yea* division agent *bat bat*
Afiq lanz
*pats her* well i don't have many division since not many action is going around, umm are sure u want to be my division?
War BrightBravemon
Bright quickly got his popcorn, watching the two.
Afiq lanz
<.<............ *notice him* haha very funny *triggered*