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Brony Eddie

Male. Lives in  Manehattan,  Equestria. Born on November 8, 2001
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Nitroxus Soulspins
*Nitroxus floated down to the ground from the air with the help of an umbrella. He soon smiled to them. He then passed a large gift over to them.* Happy Birthday!
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Brony Eddie
shared a few photos
Download:—810108360 A little gift for bronies that have Honor 8X 1) Use GIMP to open the file (MUST!!! As it ...View More
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Brony Eddie
change the emdash in the link (Case—810108…..) to two dash to get to the page
Shooting Star
oh damn, thats neat,, i sadly got the Honor Play
Chiller Sway
Very cool
Brony Eddie
Thx guys if you please help me to share to other people
Butterscotch Ormand
7X. Dang.
"Boop!" Zaten shouts, before he boops the unicorn pone.
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Brony Eddie
I think I found the best wallpaper for my pc
Chiller Sway
My wallpaper has been the solid color green for two years
Darren Cuffs
I still have the basic windows 10 wallpaper.
Bill Wilson
Uh, not in my website. You better credit whoever made that wallpaper.
Mine is some shitty screenshot i took in star citizen
Brony Eddie
Huh..... Go watch EndGame guys
Brony Eddie
My wallpaper! 😍
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Desert Thorn
I love NCMares ^^ They make fantastic art <3
*sees mcpe, now wants to be your friend*
I see you have the exclusive CA app
Princess Corona Lionheart the IV
We all know is a webapp
Brony Eddie
That's shortcut from browser ߑ
Eclipcia Darkmoon
That's actually pretty awesome. :o
Eclipcia Darkmoon
I like the perspective.
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