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Prince Sainglend

Male. Lives in  Beyond Equestria. Born on March 11, 1995
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Nitroxus Soulspins
*Nitroxus rode on a magical carpet and flew to them. He soon smiled to them. He then passed a large gift over to them.* Happy Birthday!
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Prince Sainglend
"I am conflicted about the winter season. On one hoof, I dislike the cold. On the other, it's a good excuse to read next to the big fireplace in the castle library. I just like reading outside too, wh...View More
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Mien Aquilla
"Why not work on having a small greenhouse installed on castle grounds? Then you could enjoy some warmth, and the green of plants!"
Prince Sainglend
"We already have an extensive garden, and my mother likes the snow. Perhaps I can convince her to find space."
Mien Aquilla
"A small section couldn't hurt...besides, it would afford you the opportunity to grow even more rare and exotic flowers and plants."
Prince Sainglend
"Growing things in the garden is not a concern when your mother is an Alicorn that has extreme control over plant life. I don't think there's anything she couldn't make grow. Still, perhaps a section for rare flowers alone is an interesting idea."
((Honestly, this is a big fucking mood)) *she nods, this is a mood for her as well* I know right?
Prince Sainglend
"This is really the best time of day. All the hustle and bustle has calmed down, and the peaceful, quiet night has taken over. The only downside is moonlight is difficult to read by, which fortunately...View More
Prince Sainglend
"In order to help cure my crippling social anxiety I've decided to put myself in increasingly stressful situations. O-on that note, I have decided to temporarily allow those who wish it to... uh... pa...View More
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Bright Brave
Prince Sainglend
He lowers his head with each pat until his head has practically merged with his shoulders. "Too many pats..."
Bright Brave
"Gotta make you strong."
Prince Sainglend
"Maybe not that strong..."
She just places a pancake on her brother-in-law's head instead. She wasn't paying attention, she just heard "crippling social anxiety" and immediately decided to deploy comfort pancakes. It's like a warm, fluffy blanket.
Prince Sainglend
He's now very confused. Must be some strange Equestrian custom he missed reading about.
Prince Sainglend
He's walking around town, holding up a book in front of his nose with a royal blue magical aura coming from his horn. He's not paying attention at all and he walks straight into a street lamp, bouncin...View More
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