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Pony of Shadows

Male. Lives in  Hollow Shades,  Equestria. Born on October 26, 1994
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Pony of Shadows
He sighed watching the lands of Equestria, while was hiding behind some big rocks, trees or in the shadows to avoid be spotted. And while he was watching the ponies having fun with other ponies or fri...View More
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Dr. Crane
"I agree." A brown unicorn stepped from the brush, his orange eyes pierced through the other's. "An Equestria full of fear and nightmares sounds much more brilliant than one of friendship and loyalty." He continued as he circled the dark pony. "Just imagine the screams and panic!" He laughed in a cr...View More
Pony of Shadows
He turns around, when he heard to the brown unicorn. And then he looks at him, saying, "Who are you?. And what brings you here?."
Dr. Crane
"I am here the same reason you are, to observe these ignorant ponies, wishing for more fear." He stands tall and adjusts his cape. "As for a name, you could call me Scarecrow, as Dr. Crane isn't in right now." He answered with a serious tone.
Pony of Shadows
Then he grins and he said to the brown unicorn, "But my plan is not only to scare them, because I still want to destroy a powerful wizard and leave these lands with no hope of defeating the darkness. Also that old bearded fool ruined my plans, before. I will have my revenge, somehow."
Dr. Crane
"Destroy something powerful you say?" He gives a crooked smile and continues, "I find myself craving the sounds of screams and terror." He stops and glares towards the happy ponies in the distance. "Maybe I could be of some help for your desires, and you could help me settle mine?"
Pony of Shadows
He sighs in frustration and he said, "I knew that you was going to say that, because you are not the only criminal with the same ideas. Also, I usually work alone, but perhaps I can make an exception."
Knight Wolf
Knight was flying by when he heard this conversation, he had melted into the shadows of the forest as he listened to them speak, he felt nothing towards them and their plans, as long as the one he cared for remained unharmed, he did not care what happened to the land
Meanwhile, in the city of las Pegasus, quite the opposite was happening. "ha HA! I am the pony of Light and joy!" Flam exclaimed, raising a glass of cider with his closest companions. "surely equestria needs more of it! the more joy one brings the better off as a nation we become! more productive to...View More
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