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Zephyrus · Royal Guard

The Biggest Birb

Male. Lives in Gwinn,  Limbo,  Beyond Equestria. Born on March 25, 1997
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Charlie Gabriel Blaze
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This is probably the most important question you'll have to answer today- no....this year! Will you snugg the bird?
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I'm taken. I don't know by what. But I'm taken.
Zephyrus would like to remind everyone that even though he does not appear very active on site that he does still lurk around and makes sure everyone is being good little ponies. And he knows when ...View More
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Silver Shield
Me: all the time
Bright Brave
Like hell you do
Everyone already knows you’ve been in your fair share of trouble.
I wish all my RP's didn't die even though it's 100% my fault. Now I kinda have an excuse now cause I work 6 days a week in a factory but now I just wish I had more time to actually commit to my RP's...View More
Lord Sting, master of Toonforce
I have an Rp that I get a response like once every 2 months. You just need to find the 1 ^.^
Cheddar Cheese
Can't spell Zephyrus without r and p
ah mate join the club i make glass for a livin in a factory
Who wants fun facts about Zephyrus? Each comment gets a new random fact about the large birb himself.
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polo fastter
Zephyrus does not sleep in a bed, even if he stays in a hotel or a friends home. Quite a while back he stayed in a hotel for the first time and climbed into bed, however the bed was not designed to hold his weight so the frame broke. Now he no longer trusts beds so instead he simply requests extra...View More
It's the equivalent of a colt building a pillow fort because he can't sleep in a baby's crib anymore!
Captain Sky N Nova
big black birb
Zephyrus does not fully comprehend some holidays, the best example being Hearts and Hooves day. He fully believes that during said holiday it is basically required to gift chocolate and flowers to any and all mares he sees. On the last Hearts and Hooves day, Zephyrus went out and bought all the ch...View More
Captain Sky N Nova
I'm just imagining Zeph walking around with a bunch of candy bars stuck between his feathers with a sign around his neck that says "PLEASE TAKE JUST 1"
Carmine Gumshoe
does he make good huevos rancheros? i'm craving huevos rancheros
Zephyrus is great at baking, however this skill does not translate to cooking. It is almost a phenomenon as one would think knowing how to bake would at least give some help to cooking a decent meal, however in the case of Zephyrus it does not.
Gray Rivers Alto Yuri
Carmine Ily, but the word is huevos hun :c
Carmine Gumshoe
fucKCKKGKRK gray don't even talk to me now i'm hungry :(
Icy Creation
Yay /Facts/! My favorite things.
Only about an hour left before the giveaway I'm hosting on my Discord is over! still have a chance to join the server and enter!
Zephyrus has a lot of marefriends and doesn't even know it.
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Frayed Peaches
Thunderbird has a lot of marefriends and she doesn’t even know it! Maybe you’re one as well?
Bright Brave
A mighty boast for no proof
For a good while now I have been trying to determine how tall Zephyrus would actually be in the MLP universe. I ended up finding a little chart that kinda depicted the average height for some of the c...View More
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Just for perspective an average pony is around 4'6", and Celestia is about 8'0 not counting her horn.
polo fastter
Bright Brave
I could still take him. Out to dinner~
Marcus Amai
Hey all I'm gonna host a little giveaway on my Discord server! All you gotta do to enter is join my server, get your roles and check the giveaway channel for further instructions! Hope to see you th...View More
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