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hello friends!! I love character design, but it seems a little silly to have so many that I don't ever use... so here's where I'll give them away!! this page is honestly super old haha, so expect lots of reworking and adjustments -
most of the character designs I'll post will be 100% free, but this is not a first come/first serve page. each design will be up for 1 whole week before I decide on the winner! this is to make it easier for new people to get designs as well.
to add on to that: ALL designs will have the autobuy price of $10. this is to be sure that those of you who can't afford art or designs will still be more likely to win one! when you're new to the site or aren't artistically inclined, it can be hard to get any kind of visual representation for your character - and if you don't have unique character art, you're more likely to be passed over for RPs. very unfortunate!! so this page is here to help with that c:
rules!! that's important, right? right!
- as stated earlier, this is not first come first serve, so please feel welcome to join any open giveaway <3
- if you've bought one or more characters in the past month or so, you will have to wait awhile before getting any more characters. this is to be sure that more people have a chance to get a design c:
- once you are decided as the winner, that character is 100% yours. you can change it however you want, you can use the art, all that! however, I'll be disappointed in you if you get a design and then sell it to someone else. that's very rude!! unless you've commissioned more character art, in which case it's alright, since you've added value to it.
- be a good sport please! even if you really want a design, sometimes it will go to someone else, and that's not grounds to be mean to the winner.
- that's it for now c:
Currently open:
Silk Lily
Dust Bunny and Perfect Poise
Ghost Ribbon Pone
Cupid's Bow
Sparrow Pone
Comedian Pone
Floral Fen
Pone Adopt 2
Life Goal
Pone Adopt 3